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I happened upon a file called Bottled Evolution and when I checked found these lyrics I'd written that I'd never done anything with. Was thinking about posting them on the lyrics forum or looking for music where they might fit, but I'd just finished Monkey Me Monkey You on one of Dan's tracks and was very pleased with the result, so on impulse I contacted Dan to see if he'd have any interest in using the lyrics. As he notes, ...
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Fantastic happy Sound marocon fantastic Your Text and voice great job friend :Y<3;)+2
July 13 2020 12:54:59
marocon Thanks so much, Charli. +1
Cool vocals mark:Y+2
July 13 2020 13:26:59
marocon Thanks, Pete. +1
LOL it's the perfect song for today's Zee Crowd and the Push by the brainwashMEDIA to defy nature's way+2
July 13 2020 16:58:29
marocon I wrote these lyrics so long ago that I can't remember when so I didn't have commentary of that sort in mind. More of a careful what you wish for theme on top of an observation that a lot of people want to alter their bodies - tattoos, piercings, and so on. Take it forward to a day when you might have home kits allowing for DIY DNA alterations. Last verse was inspired by the first Bradbury story I read back when I was 10. But more important to the music than the meaning of the words (at least to me) is the rhythm of the words, and even how they are sung. I put as much sunshine into my voice as I possibly could here:) +1
July 13 2020 17:26:28
JangoJam sunshine in an ironic setting -- Love it! +1
July 13 2020 17:42:10
marocon Me too! +1
:D Sounds super. Great vocals :D :)+1
July 13 2020 13:29:57
marocon Thanks, Franky! +1
:D:D fantastic <3<3+1
July 13 2020 14:26:53
marocon Thanks, Xavi. +0
This is brilliant!!! Fantastic...thanks for brighten my day <3<3<3+1
July 13 2020 17:12:24
marocon Hey Tu - very kind. Thanks. If I'd searched for music on the loops on my own I'd have picked something darker, more baroque. It was a complete delight when Dan came back with this track - it totally gets me away from my sensibilities. So all credit to him for such joyous, fun music. +0
Yes this is so cool Mark, awesome:D:D+1
July 13 2020 23:38:41
marocon Thanks, David. I'm really happy with it! +1
it seems i forget to tell you what a fantastic vocal you did here Mark.;)+1
July 16 2020 00:34:51
marocon Thanks, Nils. +1
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