the water's edge

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this is an old song from the vault. It is very raw, apologies. Feel free to add anything.
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dinosaur jnr, power pop,


You've got a great voice, you should use it more! I like the Dinosaur Jr sound and vibe - big fan of them, seen them a few times back in the day! Great job, man.+3
Very cool Guitar and Voice punk rock Template FrankMil great job friend :W<3;)+2
:D:W guitar and lyrics full of life, I really like it, good Work Frank <3:W+2
Raw sound! Yes!!
Nice song man!!!
Good stuff+1
I fully agree with Charli56, great job Frank<3:W+1
Sounds great Frank ! :W+1
Great song!+1
super good song. :Y+1
Good inspiration...and good vocals! :)+1

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