Climb Your Mountain

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acoustic Guitar, Vocals & Mandolin:
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My own composition...Played on my Martin and keyboard using a mandolin synth. Adds welcome
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Country, Acoustic, Guitar, Mandolin


Wonderful your Template and very nice your voice and melancholic bluvation great job friend :Y<3;)+1
July 14 2020 07:07:52
bluvation Thanks Charli, very kind of you :W<3:Y +1
Nice song, Gerry! How come you suddenly discovered a faible for bouzouki? Any connections to Greece? (My wife is half Polish and half Greek)+1
July 14 2020 15:44:42
bluvation Thanks Heinz, I've always liked the sound of the mandolin but never owned one. No connection other than they are often used in country music by artists like Vince Gill and Ricky Skaggs who I'm a fan of. I recently found this synth plugin for my key board so was just playing with it. :) +0
July 15 2020 00:58:27
kmoon235 BTW buddy-Vince and Reba on the Opry this Sat. at 8PM ET.<3
July 15 2020 15:27:56
bluvation Thanks buddy, Vince Gill is one of my favorites, wish I could be there live. :W<3
July 15 2020 22:03:16
kmoon235 Last time I saw him was in Florida at Cypress Gardens (now is Lego Land).
Great show as always.
The clip you shared is one I have saved too.<3
July 15 2020 22:31:17
bluvation I have fond memories of Cypress Gardens from years ago when my brother visited from England, we spent two weeks at Christmas in Kissimmee. I think that's where we saw Wynonna in concert. :W<3 +0
Super cool song Gerry. Love your vocals .Love that mandolin<3<3<3+1
July 14 2020 21:41:02
bluvation Thank you Dorothy :W<3<3 +1
July 15 2020 00:56:38
bluvation :W<3 +1

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