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It's Blues Tuesday and here's a slightly angry one with me on vocals i did some time ago and a help from a fantastic guitar player. Horn arrangement is by me, it's a 20 bar in G, need Drums, Bass, Piano and solo, or something else. Unfortunately my health is not so good at the moment but I wanted to share this, since it has been a while since I have been here, hope everything is fine with all wikiloopers.Hope ...
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Welcome back Nils, missed you here, get healthy allright? Great track, I might give it a try!!!<3:o:D+1
July 14 2020 20:42:19
slin thanks for that Ron.;) +0
Hi Nils, I am very sorry to hear that your state of health is not good and I hope that you will get well again. I am very happy that you are sharing a composition of yourself with us again! Excellent work from you 😎🎶👍+1
July 14 2020 20:42:36
slin thanks for that Peter.;) +1
Cool Bluzy track Nils:)sorry to hear you've been unwell,get well soon buddy<3+1
July 14 2020 20:42:51
slin thanks for that Pete.;) +1
nice to see you doing blues again! Was missing a lot! :) :) :)+1
July 14 2020 20:43:10
slin thanks for that Hartmut.;) +1
Sounds great! You have a powerful voice. Hope you feel better soon.+1
July 14 2020 20:43:44
slin thanks for that Dan.;) +0
Nils is back. And he looks in good health and in a bluesy mood ...
Let's rejoice :W
July 14 2020 20:44:12
slin thanks for that Thierry.;) +1
Great Blues Nils, get well my friend<3:D+1
July 14 2020 20:44:36
slin thanks for that David.;) +1
I was a bit worry about the time spent since your last one
Glad you’ve back Mr Blooz :)
July 14 2020 20:44:54
slin thanks for that Tof.;) +0
Classic Nils right here:D super job buddy:W+1
July 14 2020 20:45:13
slin thanks for that Mike.;) +0
I hope you're feeling better soon, Nils, and you're back belting out the blues more regularly!+1
July 14 2020 20:45:27
slin thanks for that Mark.;) +0
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