Midnight Blues (plus lead guitar)

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First take improv based on 'Black Magic Woman'.
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blues, black magic woman


Nice Playing...Nice guitar sounds.+2
June 14 2014 17:58:09
Rod_Stevens LOL, me timings out here and there. But I have dem blues tonight. Cheers, Gleennp :) +1
Your playing is cool. I listen over and over again. Sound of You're nice. I thank sincerely to joining you ;)+1
June 14 2014 18:45:51
Rod_Stevens over and over? are you drunk as well? LOL, ta for putting up with me sloppy 2am Sunday morn drunken-fuzz addon ;). I wish I had a gravel Joe Cocker voice. That would go well in the gaps :) +1
June 14 2014 19:25:58
Keiton I dont drink alcohol. was my mistake. I wanted to say that listened repeatedly. Here 2:00 in the morning. I'll watch a game of Japan World Cup tomorrow. I cant sleep so I'm looking forward to it. hahaha ;) +2
June 14 2014 19:44:16
Rod_Stevens Japan World Cup of blues players? LOL, just joking. Good on ya for not touching the devils juice. ;) +1
Nice work :)+1
June 15 2014 17:45:17
Rod_Stevens Alcohol made me do it. When I'm sober I do knitting. Cheers mate ;) +0
June 15 2014 17:44:05
Rod_Stevens Not quite Gary Moore (R.I.P), but thanks for having a listen ;) +1
August 02 2014 00:04:19
akethesnaker This is SUPER!;) +1
August 02 2014 02:49:05
Rod_Stevens Fresh from the wiki oven--Ms Anne added a fab vocal track as well #21547 +0
bom trabalho. perfeito volume+1
June 16 2014 14:34:53
francisco al
Rod_Stevens Eu tinha um bom tempo, mesmo com desafio tambor alto. Obrigado por ouvir e comentar tipo. Jam em breve;) +0
Some nice licks and some space for more solos, that's cool!+1
June 25 2014 18:10:36
Rod_Stevens Making "space" is what it's about here at wikiloops. Thanks for having a listen :) +0
Cool soloing & guitar tone going+1
June 27 2014 06:40:06
Rod_Stevens Tone comes via an old Hondo II strat copy (cost $20 at the recycle shop) plugged into a Boss ME25 with fuzz on, plus software compression, half a carton of beer and a bowl of pretzels. I love making cheap guitars sound like they're worth at least $30 LOL. Cheers for the ear and listen ;) +1
June 27 2014 12:33:12
nuno1959 Awesome but that's exactly what it boils down to - knowing HOW to…
Now, just for laughs : let's rub it in the purists, vintage guitar collector's faces then :D :D
June 27 2014 14:22:57
Rod_Stevens [in a hushed voice] Between you and I, beer and pretzels are the secret element. Everything looks and sounds like a $10K vintage rig when I'm pissed...sshh..lol..jam on mate :) +1
June 27 2014 18:56:03
nuno1959 :D :D & the ''antiqued finish'' people pay to have now ? Just wear a good old fashioned rock'n roll metal buckle & drag the damn guitar a couple of times along the garage floor & VOILÁ : Instant Antique Patina !! :D
Of course the beer helps to make us grind it on the concrete floor remorselessly…. ;)
June 28 2014 12:12:52
Rod_Stevens ya right there. I cant believe people pay $4,000 plus for a 2014 Fender that's beat up and made to look like a '54 etc. Ow well, jam on :) +1
nice one Rod !:)+1

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