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Watching my cat on the lookout for anything that moves ... HD is only comp. Room for jam ! All adds and works welcome buddy ! Enjoy!


You've got such a fine musical sense. A lovely piece. I'm surprised nobody has downloaded yet...We'll fix that!+3
July 16 2020 23:56:59
Filo974 Thank you Wade. I think that your 74 years have made you much more lovable than you imagine and this for the good of all of us here
I don't worry about downloads ... time will take care of it :)
July 17 2020 00:00:27
Filo974 Let's try it maybe... +1
July 17 2020 00:08:05
Wade I can assure you that when I download it's with the best of intentions, but it can take quite a while before anything comes back.

I truly have a sense of your musical talent and would just like to be part of what you play.
Beautiful guitar playing and really cool percussion. Love the tone and sound of your guitar. If your cat wants someone to play with I got three orphan kittens someone dumped nearby looking for a home. They really love guitar music too :):W
Great template Philippe :W
July 16 2020 23:31:17
Filo974 In fact,it's not my cat but that of the neighbor and.... it was he who adopted me !
For percussion, it's just some muffled notes on the guitar ... try it :) and you will see...<3
July 17 2020 00:16:22
bluvation That's what I meant by really cool percussion, I could hear how you'd achieved it and like that style of playing. <3 +1
July 17 2020 00:21:21
Filo974 :) +0
Nice jam Philippe! :)+1
July 16 2020 23:44:24
Filo974 Thank u my friend 🙏 +1
Bravo phil super sympa à écouter aprÚs une grosse journée de boulot :):W+1
July 16 2020 23:42:43
Filo974 Merci Stef. Tu vois, je suis à la ligue de foot (Réunion) ! Alors que je ne suis pas du tout foot!!! et de là je comprends trÚs bien ce que tu dis et qu'il nous faut WL pour dégager toutes les conneries de la journée...
1h42 !
Fantastic Your Acoustic guitar Template Filo974 great Sound and job friend compliment :Y<3;)+1
July 17 2020 05:56:31
Filo974 Thx Charli :) there I think I found the right setting for it +1
Vraiment magique Philip<3+1
July 17 2020 05:54:08
Filo974 Merci Marc ! ta basse est prĂȘte ? :D:) +1
Super idée les percus :W Tu fais ça en étouffant tes cordes nylon ?+1
July 17 2020 05:50:32
Filo974 Yes Mister :) dans les aigus... +1
Cats in the house transfer their playfulness into your recording, man! :) :Y :Y :Y sounds so cool+1
a fantastic template Filo.;)+1
fantastique comment vous traitez les notes sur la guitare Philppe.<3+1
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