Two Saxy to Swing

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Cool jazz from peatric and StJray. Hopefully not covering too much of their wonderful fun track. Tenor sax comes and goes as does a second tenor. A bit of jazzy fun although I'm anything but a jazz player.


You're a jazz player if you say you are!! Sounds great Wade! :D:W:D I like the two saxes!+3
July 17 2020 22:58:39
Wade Well I can fake jazz as it's certainly ubiquitous among sax players...not where I want to hang out often. The two intermingled saxes are just two different takes, that happened to fit together at times...happy accident editing exercise. +0
Jazz-Rock is not so bad for you !+2
July 17 2020 22:48:29
Wade Not bad for me indeed, just time for the sax to move on and not be stuck in the 1950s. The instrument is capable of so much more, but not many go beyond the jazz cliche (reinforcing the stereotype). So kind of you titi to have a listen. Thanks. +0
What a pleasure to listen this morning to this sax duo which fill so well and bring a pleasant personality to the musical structure.:Y<3
Thank you Wade my special friend for joining us, it is always very appreciated! :W
July 17 2020 22:50:26
Wade All due to yours and peatric's fine template that dragged me in. So glad you're OK with it. +1
beautiful interweaved sax lines, and great solos, Wade! :) :Y
Perfect mix between channels also.
Update: I'm listening to this track the third time, it gets me peace! Thanks Wade!
July 17 2020 22:54:41
Wade 3 times? Well I guess you like it? Thanks hartmut. So glad if you're finding something special in this. It's really just an accident that the two different takes fitted together at times. Not planned, but executed. +1
Beautiful Wade<3:W+2
July 17 2020 22:55:26
Wade Thanks Marc....missing bass? +2
July 19 2020 11:42:28
Wade So good of you to join in. Thanks again. +1
very very good Wade, it excellently lifts the sound through your sax ... I like my WL friend<3:W+1
July 18 2020 01:28:52
Wade All due to your inspiration that got first Ray and me motivated. So glad you like it. Thanks. +1
You master it perfect Wade! Sounds great 👍+1
July 17 2020 23:00:48
Wade You get it Franky! It's all in the editing. Wasn't planned, just stitched together! Probably should have posted it under DaDumps? +1
July 18 2020 13:11:08
frankyguitar Ahhh, someone can nearly do anything and it sounds great. That’s simple Musicality :W +1
July 18 2020 22:09:22
Wade Too kind. Thank you. +1
Super integration with the band, Wade :o <3

Two sax are so good :Y

Wonderful jazz, mates :W :Y
July 17 2020 23:01:23
Wade Glad you like. Many thanks for the listen. +0
a fantastic playing here Wade.;)+1
July 17 2020 23:01:57
Wade Too kind! It's good editing to get rid of the crap notes! Cheers Nils. +1
Really cool trail !:) Great sound!!!+1
July 17 2020 23:03:17
Wade Cheers Filo. Very kind of you to check it out and comment. +1
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