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let me boast about my NEW focusrite Scarlett 8i6 -- a ting of beauty -- and I mean ting -- freeplay through the AIR setting on Channel 1 preamp plus the Phantom Power we all crave -- makes my cheep Mic(tinCan)(or is that sheep mic) sound really spiff....some eq'ing and doubling the track and panning and some stuff on my output make for some clear sounds -- my playing might be Sh*t but at least it sounds good! the WAV ...


this sounds pretty Jangojam :)+1
Hey Jango! This is nice! Focusrite are really good, and 8 chanells! Man! You can record an all band!:W+1
So good to be hearing from you and this lovely simple tune that you've played so well.+1
Playing the guitar as in the old days Jango. Enjoyed listening.<3+1
July 19 2020 15:57:52
JangoJam yes as in -- the old days -- hey you making a age-ist joke? I resemble that! +1
July 19 2020 20:13:44
Blueberry It was not my intension. You still make wonderfull music J.. +1
Wonderful your Acoustic guitar Template JangoJam :Y<3;)+1
July 19 2020 17:56:21
JangoJam Thanks Sir! +1
So impressive works, Jango! :) :Y love your playing a lot!
Audio quality so high! impressive in all aspects.

This AIR function of "focusrite Scarlett 8i6" gives a very nice reverb effect! Lots of fun to listen to.
July 19 2020 17:56:08
JangoJam well I added the reverb to the track on doubled(panned) track and then a spot on the mix out +1
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