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good Morning, my friends. Here's what I able to think and play this morning. I would be happy if you find it useful to have fun with


Nice sound and chords progression! ;)+2
July 20 2020 22:13:54
Offfocus Hi my friend, thank you so much for this nice comment!! +1
No title yet is very beautiful playing! Lovely arrangement and performance! :o :Y+1
July 20 2020 22:15:44
Offfocus Hi Hartmut, danke dir sehr!!Komm doch dazu!?! +1
:W:W WoW!!! Wonderful job Patrik ,amigo <3<3+0
July 20 2020 22:14:18
Offfocus Hola Xavi! I am happy you like it, man! +1
Wonderful Guitar Template Offfocus <3;)+0
July 20 2020 22:14:37
Offfocus Hi Charli, thanks a lot, my friend! +1
Wunderbar Patrik. Excellent sound and playing!! Wunderbare Akkordfolge! Wirklich fantastisch gespielt:) <3+0
July 20 2020 22:14:59
Offfocus Hi Franky, danke dir sehr!! Cool, dass Du es magst .. das freut mich! +1
this is so lovely Pat, real nice chords and such a nice tone on your guitar too :)+0
July 20 2020 22:15:27
Offfocus Hey Shi, thank you very much, my friend .. Happy you like it!! +1
it such a great sound in your guitar and a fantastic playing Patrik.;)+0
July 20 2020 22:16:08
Offfocus Hi Nils, that's nice you like it and tell me :) thank you!! +0
July 20 2020 22:16:18
Offfocus Hi Mike, thank you :) :) +1
A lovely template that deserves another download!+0
July 22 2020 21:55:06
Offfocus Thank you so much, Wade .. you are more than welcome :) :) +1
August 01 2020 06:03:57
Lenny Cowler
Offfocus Thank you Lenny!! Please have a listen at my remix "The rat race" of this one .. If you feel you would like to play the drums on this one, I would be more than happy to get my own keyboard played amateur drums out of it :) +0

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