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I instantly loved this song from Gerry, so I had to add the lows. And then I could not resist to try some drums on that too and hope you like it. I had a lot of fun with this jam!
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Country, pedal steel, acoustic guitar


cool drums and bass you added Cantaloopo, nice country style you guys :)+1
July 20 2020 22:40:51
Cantaloopo Thank you very much, Shi ! :) +1
July 20 2020 23:02:37
bluvation Thanks Shi :W +1
A nice and fitting double add Heinz, you're a man of many talents my friend. Thanks for enhancing my song. :W:)<3+0
July 20 2020 23:37:11
Cantaloopo I'm glad you like it, Gerry! Amazing pedal steel guitar you got there, sounds pretty convincing. I'm shure you could easily find cool sounding bass and drums in your "digital toolbox" as well - thanks for giving me a chance :D +1
July 21 2020 00:15:39
bluvation Digital's no substitute for the real thing so I'm honored by your live playing Heinz. It's cool having authentic drums. Thanks again :W +0
July 21 2020 00:37:42
Cantaloopo :Y:Y +1
A wonderful compliment to this cowboy tale.+0
July 21 2020 16:30:42
Cantaloopo Thanks Wade. I love sad songs and ballads. And they are not so demanding concerning my skills as a re-beginner on drums :D +1
Deine Drums & Bass sind spitze, toller Song, Heinz! :)+0
July 21 2020 16:28:25
Cantaloopo Vielen Dank, Helmut! :) +1
Hier stimmt alles! Ein wirklich schöner Song, Bass, Schlagzeug, Mix, alles vom Feinsten. Man hat das Gefühl an einem Live- Konzert zu sein (mit Abstand);)+0
July 21 2020 16:27:29
Cantaloopo Danke Peter! Trotz allem Rock'n Roll hatte ich immer schon auch einen Hang zu Schnulzen und Balladen. Country Musik hat ja immer etwas von beidem. :) Mein Schlagzeug ist nur ein winziges Bop-Set, hätte gern etwas mehr "Pfund" auf der Kickdrum, aber mich als Wiederanfänger ist es gut genug. +1
Very nice double add Heinz-perfect fit:W
July 22 2020 01:15:06
Cantaloopo Thank you, Keith! :) +1
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