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Thank you Eric. Added guitar (and some experimental space in the MIx) for my pleasure. I hope you can hear it anyway :)


Sehr kreativer add mit deiner Gitarre René klingt ausgezeichnet friend <3;)+1
July 21 2020 21:47:01
abuitremorem Danke Charli fürs Hören und gute Zeit :) +1
GREAT job René <3 👍👍👍+1
July 21 2020 21:46:31
abuitremorem merci beaucoup Philippe :):D +1
Deine Kreativität ist ungebrochen René :W :)
Ich finde es passt perfekt <3
July 21 2020 21:46:04
abuitremorem Vielen Dank Franky - freut mich sehr.<3:) +0
Hi Rene:)cool spooky track,must go and check all the windows:D+1
July 21 2020 21:45:26
abuitremorem :D:D:DYes, it's that time again. A thunderstorm is coming<3 +0
Also ich muss schon sagen René es ist immer wieder ein Erlebniss Deine Arbeiten an zu hören. Es ist wie tauchen in einem dunklen Gewässer, unheimlich und schön!+1
July 21 2020 21:30:41
abuitremorem Vielen Dank Petr! Das ist ein sehr nettes Kompliment. Mein dunkle Seite kommt vom Flamenco her, und die werde ich wohl nie mehr los :) +1
The new frontier... this is the Rene way... sounds cool :)+1
July 22 2020 11:07:23
abuitremorem Thanks - that's right - I'm at the border again:) +1
July 23 2020 21:17:55
Psycho :D +0
Wonderful how you create musical atmospherics, so thoughtfully provocative and challenging, it’s a delight to appreciate that you bring as a fine an intellect to your music as you do with your beautiful abu my friend<3<3+1
July 22 2020 11:11:52
abuitremorem Thank you very much Peter<3<3 +1
So very Creative and so many cool "sounds" with cool spacing and you tell a story that is so interesting!!! Excellent, Rene!!!!!+1
July 22 2020 21:05:04
abuitremorem Thank you very much Dan. I'm back in Poland now, and here I have my favorite instruments and also the Kemper. It's something like a directory with 15,000 guitars and amplifier sounds. Here I can not choose and modify, in Brugg I have to put together the sound like a real guitarist. +0
a really fantastic add and mix Rene.;)+1
July 23 2020 20:07:15
abuitremorem Thank you very much Nils :) +1
you always give our remixes a very pleasant atmosphere. usually a bit hidden, there are beautiful fragments of masterful melodies added by you. Also this time you have succeded. many thanks for this my friend!+1
July 29 2020 22:08:36
abuitremorem Thank you Eric.I hope you are well :) +0
July 29 2020 22:22:50
ericblom thanks Rene! All of the family is fine, no illness and everybody is doing his/her thing. How are you?, doing fine? +0
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