Another World?

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I was going to put vocals on this one, but I can't really sing at home. And I'm not a good singer, so I played the melody on the guitar instead. I really dig this kind of otherworldly atmosphere. It's like a trip to a parallel universe, love it! Thanks Charli56! :) By the way, I'd like to hear some bass on this! :)
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electronic, atmospheric, ambient, aerial


When your guitar gently...
Beautiful Magnetic and enigmatic!
Modulation tonality around 2:40 YummY
Le thème est mortel, le son, ça respire tout le long et ce sustain... un régal.
Tout doux et costaud in the same time :) 1:59 :O
July 21 2020 20:12:31
Al-Fadista Merci beaucoup, Tof! ;) +1
Wow!!! Bravo Alex :) <3+2
great atmosphere on this track. Very good duo:):W+2
Cool guitar playing:)+2
Always impressed by and enjoy your cool musicality:)+2
Your guitar sounds fantastic. Great playing too, great mood :W :)+2
Thank you very much for playing with your fantastic guitar tones. Great job Al-Fadista <3<3 I'm happy friend <3+1
July 21 2020 02:12:10
Al-Fadista Glad you like it, thanks for the jam! :) +1
Very cool sounds that works so well and great lead lines.+1

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