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Added some additional chords. Thanks for listening.


Fabulous sound two <3
This nostalgia that I know so well. Something inexplicable ...
I give you the words of a great French singer, great traveler and poet. He sums up nostalgia (Saudade in Portuguese) with his words and his talent.

It's well stashed deep in my soul
It's a bitter taste thrill
It's not the violins of the drama
It puts gray in your green eyes

It's not melancholy - but still
It's not the endless blues - but still
It's not the melody either - of death
Chords and more

It is a woman seen in a port
A A melody of which we no longer have the chords
It's a very old poem about love, about life
And the dead

If the Saudade is in the clouds - the subtle fragrance
She has the face of distant journeys - she is a great
sailing ship
That we never took - that we never took

It comes from afar and smoothly
This pain that feels the margin
It's like a breath on your heart
It has a nice name Saudade

If you don't see her coming - she sees you
If you try to run away from her - forget it
And even if you want to end it - She doesn't want to
She hugs you

It is the mastery of musicians - poets
She's the sister of the rascals - of the party
She's hidden in the most beautiful melodies
When she cries she smiles

If the Saudade is in the clouds - the subtle fragrance
She has the face of distant journeys - she is a great
sailing ship
That we never took - that we never took...
July 24 2020 10:43:48
FrankieJ Beautiful<3 +1
Wonderful song! :Y+2
July 24 2020 19:41:17
Mika Tohve
FrankieJ thanks Mika:) +1
Wonderful!! :)+2
July 24 2020 19:41:31
FrankieJ thanks Mario:) +1
This is just so satisfying!+2
July 24 2020 19:48:33
FrankieJ thanks Wade:) +1
Boundlessly beautiful and magical creativity my friend, always so special Frankie<3+1
July 24 2020 19:41:50
FrankieJ thanks Peter:) +1
wonderful guitaring Frankie !:) Lovely song!+1
July 24 2020 19:42:24
FrankieJ thanks hartmut:) +1
it's a beautiful ballad!! :W:) great sound!!+1
July 24 2020 19:48:55
FrankieJ thanks Joao:) +0
So fantastic! Wonderful music Frankie ! :) <3+1
July 24 2020 19:49:14
FrankieJ thanks franky:) +1
<3 Fantastic Frankie :)+1
July 24 2020 19:49:57
FrankieJ thanks ivax:) +1
I love your playing on this so much Frankie-beautiful my friend-that minor key gives it a perfect edge<3<3<3
July 24 2020 19:59:09
FrankieJ I've always been fond of the minor keys I guess. Especially D minor.
thanks Keith:)
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