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So good to jump on an OliVBee track again...and in such fine company with Marc and Marc...love those M&Ms. Sopranino added with lots of space left for others.


Ahhh, some more jazzy sax Wade.
Excellent timing, for sure! This sopranino fits really perfect and sounds great here, love it.
Cool ending :) <3
July 21 2020 22:29:07
Wade Don't tell the real jazzers...I'm faking it, but appreciate that you like it. +1
July 21 2020 22:35:33
frankyguitar I fake all my tracks :D
Or similar like Albert Einstein was saying "Engineers say I'm a good guitar player, but musicians say I'm a good engineer" LOL Well, I really cannot and will not compare myself with Albert Einstein, but I love this saying :D :D :D
it's a perfect add Wade :W!! smooth and beautiful:W+2
July 21 2020 22:29:49
Wade Thanks Joao. I live playing with these guys. +0
Perfect! Your sax just fits right in like it was made for the track. Every note sounds right.+2
July 21 2020 22:30:49
Wade Such a kind thing to say. Thanks Dan. There are a few notes at the end of the first section that are duds, but as they say s*** happens. +0
Its uncanny how 'natural' you play...I mean I cant imagine how better it could be interpretated.<3+2
July 21 2020 22:32:25
Wade Lucky for me it was simple! I'm not much of a technical player...especially jazz. So kind of you Tu. Thanks. +1
HaHa....Now this is the real deal:o not some phoney impersonator...trying to be a Charmer:D....Right On!!!!+1
July 21 2020 22:33:57
Wade Ha! I wish. I'm absolutely not a jazz player...ask a real saxo-jazzo. Total fake, but who cares if both of us enjoyed? Cheers Peter. +0
so gentle playing, Wade! very very nice! :Y+1
July 22 2020 05:53:14
Wade Thanks so much Hartmut. Glad you think it's gentle. Sopranino can be a "paint peeler". +1
Really beautiful Wade<3:W+1
July 22 2020 05:54:20
Wade Yea...on another track with you and enjoying so much! Thanks. +1
Wade, your way of playing is very recognizable and you have a special sense of making harmonic lines! Beautiful play and the sound is very clear too!+1
July 22 2020 05:56:34
Wade So good to be on this track with you. Great set up for me to jump on. Many thanks to you and the others. Going to have to take your world for being recognizable...maybe a blindfold test? Cheers! +0
I would have bet you were living in New Orleans.
From sneaking to swinging with the Nino :)
July 22 2020 05:59:22
Wade New Orleans would have been great in my youth. Not wanting to be within an ocean's distance of that country right now. More use of clarinet in New Orleans music, but the sopranino is high pitched so can do similar lines. Thanks Chris. +0
Yesss, the intro is just great, your brilliant playing and the fantastic sound of this sopranino make this track a listening pleasure!:)+1
July 22 2020 00:03:04
Wade So glad you like...and even better you took up the invitation and joined in! Thanks to you! +1

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