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Remake of an old composition I put on here five years ago, titled "Breezeway". The first one was free hand while this one isn't. Have fun with it =)
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Unplugged, acoustic, ballad, drums


pretty guitar Bruce :)+2
July 21 2020 21:17:29
Psycho Thanks Shi... I found old tracks like this one from way back, and I am going to redo some of them :) +1
I remember the play Bruce, it looked familiar right away, that fine melancholy.
This is a very well recorded new version of it. Fantastic done my friend !! :) <3
July 21 2020 22:10:52
Psycho Wow, you have a great memory... I had to look and see if I indeed put it on here way back then. Lot's of memories tied to this one :) Thanks Franky !! +1
July 21 2020 22:13:57
frankyguitar I did not know the exactly form or play from the older one, but someone in my head said" he, you know it" :D +0
Super cool my friend:D:D+1
July 21 2020 21:16:09
Psycho Thanks very much my friend :) +0
cool acoustic template :) go buddy gooooo ;)+1
July 21 2020 21:15:44
Psycho I used to compose these all the time... more to come. Thanks Oliv :) +1
Great composes Psycho! The sound is fantastic. Big compliment :)+1
July 21 2020 21:23:40
Psycho Well thank you very much my friend Rene... means a lot :) +0
great song:) need some bass?:) someone will beat me to it. I take a long time to mix after i'm done recording:o+1
July 21 2020 22:11:58
Psycho Thanks, I know what you mean, for me the mixing takes longer. Different versions of anything is good though :) +2
You really know how to make an acoustic sing, Bruce my friend<3:W:W+1
July 21 2020 22:08:56
Psycho Thanks, I'm going to put the guitar part up soon :) +1
July 21 2020 22:10:41
PJE I will look out for it :) +1
July 21 2020 22:13:35
Psycho It will be a .wav file tied in with this track. Optional download :) +0
A beautiful composition with interesting variations<3:)+1
July 21 2020 22:16:16
Psycho Thank you Pewi. Like I told Franky, there are sure a lot of memories tied to this, my Dad in particular. He liked it :) +0
great track Psy:Y+1
July 22 2020 04:29:37
Psycho It's older than the hills when I just sat back all day and played whatever stuff entered my head :) Thanks Pete +1
Very nice your Acoustic Guitarfriend :Y<3;)+1
July 22 2020 04:28:03
Psycho Thanks again Charli... these are fun to make :) +1
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