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Okay, time for some others, I love to experiment with different sounds and rhythm. And this one from Alan really grabs me. Thank you very much Alan. Also thanx very much Peter, you show it me with your fantastic add. :) I really love the idea of a Multiversum, although it's all theory. And I really believe the mankind do not exist long enought to finally prove or disprove it.


The creativity in this is amazing-love it Franky and Alan:W:W
July 22 2020 20:46:27
frankyguitar Thanx very much my good buddy!
Yes,Keith, tis is a cool template from Alan! :)
Awesome and Creative music franky<3 great template from Alan:D:D+1
July 22 2020 20:51:47
frankyguitar Thank you very much David! Awesome support my friend :W +1
a cool combination ap and franky :)+1
July 21 2020 22:36:47
frankyguitar Thank you so much Shi :D
It was very cool to do some experiment with it :)
HAMMER! Herrlich, wie Du hier die Stimmung aufnimmst und weiterentwickelst!!
Schon eine coole Sache in welche Richtungen sich ein Track entwickeln kann:)
July 21 2020 22:39:23
frankyguitar Recht herzlichen Dank Peter.
Genau genommen habe ich mich selbst überrascht. Ich klimperte so drauf los und das Ganze ging erst eher so in Deine Richtung. Aber irgendwie entwickelte sich dann was ganz anderes. Nun, schön das Dir auch das hier gefällt. Mir hat's jedenfalls auch Spaß gemacht. :)
Thank you Franky for the :o AWESOME! add :D:Y:W+1
July 22 2020 20:48:18
frankyguitar :D I'm happy you like Alan :D
Very cool template, was very nice to follow your idea and mood :W
<3<3 WoW!!! Awesome Franky :D:D+1
July 22 2020 20:49:09
frankyguitar :D Thank you very much Xavi :D
I'm full in my comfort zone :W
July 22 2020 23:06:25
ivax :D:D +1
Out there in the twilight zone! Great fit like you were always in there.+1
July 22 2020 20:51:12
frankyguitar Thanx very much Wade, I think my mom listen music like this as I was unborn... :D :D LOL +1
I'm going through saturn[img]https://previews.123rf.com/images/krisdog/krisdog1209/krisdog120900083/15470360-ilustraci%C3%B3n-de-un-extraterrestre-gris-historieta-linda-sonriendo-y-saludando.jpg[/img]+1
July 23 2020 20:05:18
frankyguitar Yeah, but which one? 😂 Thanks very much, it’s great you can like it! :) +0
a fantastic add Franky.;)+1
July 23 2020 20:06:17
frankyguitar Thank you very much Nils. It’s crazy for sure ;) +1
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