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Just hoping to get some lead guitar on this recording.


Wonderful Blues Sound Crawdad08.
Fantastic your Acoustic instruments friend :Y<3;) I like this Sounds <3
July 22 2020 17:18:11
Crawdad08 Thanks. Charli! I listened to some of your stuff as well. Sweet!! +1
Welcome to the Loops! Cool song, I hope you did get some presents in the end! Look forward to hearing more of your stuff :W
P.S. invite your sister too, we can always use singers here ;)
July 23 2020 23:37:17
Crawdad08 Thank you TeeGee. I'm really starting to get into the Wiki. It IS my intent to put some more out there. I'll have to get my sister set up. She doesn't have anything she would need to download and play and record and upload, etc... +1
July 24 2020 00:57:34
TeeGee Cool! If she is a singer, then all you need is a microphone and a USB interface to connect it to the computer. For recording, there are several options, but Audacity is a nice and free option that many here use. If you need any advice on recording/hardware/sofware put the question in the forum, you will surely get an answer. +0
July 24 2020 04:39:46
Crawdad08 I've used Audacity and MixPad. I'll see if I can convince her to shell out a few bucks for a mic and an interface. +1
Very good job
Cool sound and playing :):W
July 23 2020 23:34:04
Crawdad08 Thanks, Trasher. Glad you liked it! +1
Welcome to the loops Land :)+0
great blues!! :W;)+0
Fantastic! Welcome aboard:)+0
Bravo! With a duet like you any song will sound great! I really love duets and female voices. These are diamonds in a glass of red summerwine...
:) Thanks for remembering me
what a cute and fun track :) made me smile :) nice to have you with us at the loops Crawdad :)+0
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