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changes from 100 to 150 then back to 100 have fun it needs bass lead and drums the blank spaces are for drum rolls and bass all tuned in dadgbe
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metal needs drums needs bass


cool,try do to the drumwork.....+1
July 24 2020 09:55:10
metaled i can upload my drum loops if you need some direction i played the bass to but i am just good not great +0
Great riffs. Nice playing. I like to play drums to it. Give me a week to upload because of restriction here on wikiloops.
Did you play drums in the pauses or is there a wish for complete silence?
July 31 2020 03:21:27
metaled there is a drum roll cause it changes from 100 to 150 +0
July 31 2020 03:21:45
metaled build down then build up +0
July 31 2020 21:50:10
bildoras Ok, i got the break for tje pause. I learned a lot playing to this song about 50 times. It made a lot of fun. I have to wait one day due to restrictions from wikiloops for uploading mixes.
It was a pleasure playing to it. Many thanks for your great rifs and style.
August 01 2020 11:27:04
metaled glad you like man thanks +0
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