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This is for all Metal and Hardcore lovers.....When I was younger I was playing in a Hardcoreband named MegaMosh, this is a tribute to them.....have fun.
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Hardcore, Metal.....


Super Drum Job Baerenkind cool :W<3+0
July 23 2020 19:15:56
Baerenkind Thanx a lot :) +1
Really awesome bro!!+0
July 24 2020 10:07:02
Baerenkind The sound of my drums is a bit boring,but I am not very good technician
I record just with one usb micro and audacity. Glad you like it...
July 24 2020 23:48:11
Mugicio Boring? Absolutely not, sound like old school and that sounds very good +0
I made a punk hardcore version. Between saturday or sunday I will post. In my 15/16 years old I play very punk rock sound as Ramones, Sex Pistols, Tou Dolls and a lot good Btazilian Bands as Ratos de Porão, Replicantes, Inocentes, Restos de Nada, Cólera, Garotos Podres and more . Very very good times :W+0
July 24 2020 10:03:22
Fabricio L
Baerenkind Yes the good old times,you can find MEGAMOSH on youtube if you are interested....thanx a lot for listening:D +1
July 25 2020 01:26:37
Fabricio L
Fabricio L I dont knew MEGA MOSH, liked a lot. Thanks for the tip. :W +0

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