Frozen Air

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Back to my usual slow, languorous tracks that evolve a theme over time. This has the feeling of when you are paralysed and can only witness the world going by as you remain frozen. HD track has no bass for all you bassists out there (you are legion!).
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Slow Ambient Atmospheric Paralysis


Excellent, I really enjoy and admire your track ideas and how you develop it. Enough time to let it breathe. It’s like a Writer who give the actors in a book deep and character. Great 👍+3
July 25 2020 18:45:16
DanDiplo Thanks, that's a really kind comment 👍 +0
Dan The Man :W+1
Its a superb composition Dan and a great draw for the bass players:W:)+1
July 23 2020 14:29:49
PJE Shame about the cut off though:( +0
July 24 2020 20:57:29
DanDiplo Cut off? Not sure I follow... +0
Dan the Man he understands how to satisy music fans <3<3<3+1
Very good track dan!!.you'll have some adds on this:):W+1
Beautiful Dan,sounds fantastic<3:W:D+1
The return of Manfred Dann
Always templates :W
Wow. This one is so catchy. Great work Dan <3:D+1
:D:WHere is Frankie's comment, and I honestly don't notice any audible cuts, everything runs smoothly...great Dan!!:D:W+1
Another exotic adventure!+1

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