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This may be a challenge, it wore me out =)
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Got a great rhythm and feel to it Bruce:W:)+1
July 23 2020 20:57:22
Psycho Thanks Peter... got this in my head and had to rush to the computer :) +1
Ohhh WoW, what an excellent rhythm work.
Super cool idea Bruce, fantastic play :W :) <3
July 23 2020 21:01:06
Psycho It's different for sure. Thanks Franky my friend :) +0
Psycho, I read about your wife. I am sorry and I very much hope that she will soon receive a good medication that will help her.
Wonderful composition. I just have tendonitis, so I have to take care of myself. I remember the piece :)
July 24 2020 11:46:22
Psycho We're crossing our fingers. She seems better today, Thanks my friend :) +1
:D:D fantastic Bruce :W+1
July 24 2020 11:45:22
Psycho It's different for me anyway, thanks Xavi :) +1
Cool one Bruce. I love your acoustic creations<3+1
July 24 2020 11:44:50
Psycho Thanks for the kind words Andrea <3 +0
Fantastic Your Acoustic guitar Template friend great job friend :Y<3;)+1
July 24 2020 11:44:08
Psycho Thanks Charli :) +1
Wow very nice Bruce, this is not an easy rhythm track to do and keep it on time! Well done!+1
July 25 2020 04:12:59
Psycho Hi TG, thanks... been awhile since we jammed... we'll have to make up for that :) +1
A tough rhythm to maintain. But you did it!
July 25 2020 04:11:47
Psycho Maybe because I began as a drummer, who knows. Thanks very much my friend :) +1
July 26 2020 19:54:53
FrankieJ I did too Bruce at about age 10. I think my dad bought my first drum set at Sears or maybe it was Kmart. Did that for about a year. Even took lessons for awhile.
Feels like a million years ago now.
So good to hear you bringing fresh ideas to us. Thanks.+1
July 25 2020 19:11:38
Psycho This popped in my head and I knew I'd forget so I ran to record it :) Thanks Wade ! +1
Yesss, here your great musical experience can be heard well! Great job!!+1
July 25 2020 19:10:48
Psycho Thanks again my friend :) +1

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