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I like to dream that one day, I will walk on another planet. Not likely, but maybe in another life. Anyway, one of my favorite soft synths is the iloSynth 1, which I've used on several recent tracks. It has a cool 'theremin' patch that I'm using here. Feel free to add if you want. Enjoy!
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TR-8S, DEXED, iloSynth, Theremin


:W:W fantasia y color <3<3 fantastic Alan+1
July 28 2020 05:14:14
apsummerlin Thanks Xavi! :D:D:D +1
sounds great :)+1
July 28 2020 05:14:31
apsummerlin Thanks Rene! :D:D:D +0
Fantastic Your Template apsummerlin great Sound and job friend :Y<3;)+1
July 28 2020 05:13:54
apsummerlin Thanks Charli56! :D:D:D +1
Cool one, Alan. I'm a fan of the theremin so I especially love that touch.+1
July 28 2020 05:12:59
apsummerlin Thanks Mark, me too. Maybe someday, I'll breakdown and buy a real one. :W +1
July 28 2020 13:54:42
marocon My family gave me a mini theremin for my birthday a few years ago. It's a ton of fun to play around with, but very difficult to "play" properly. I could never have played what you played on this one for instance. So however you did it, it has certain advantages over a real one. +1
July 28 2020 17:49:03
apsummerlin I always figured it was harder than it looks. I built one (sorta) using an Arduino single board computer, an Ultrasonic Distance Sensor, and MIDI interface. It was fun, but not the same. Too much lag in the system or something... +1

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