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Well after a few drunken days, it can fit with this Blues on a Sunday, as I did a while ago, with good help from a fantastic guitar player, everyone is welcome to contribute, hope you like it. slin .;)
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:D:W<3 a very good work Nils...track to listen to in all its nuances several times, very fascinating also the text ... I want to meet this Mr. Booze:D:D:W+3
July 26 2020 20:06:55
slin thanks for that Jean,haha dorn`t.;) +2
I don't know this Mr. Booze, but he reminds me of my erudite friend Monsieur Le Bouteille, who seems to be spending a lot of time at our house this year. Great singing Nils, and your friend's thumb could calibrate NASA's Deep Space Atomic Clock. I've heard it loses a second every million years, so he might be able to tighten it up a little.+1
July 30 2020 18:17:18
slin thanks for that Ian.;) +0
Keep strong, Nils :W

Very moving track, friend :o
July 26 2020 20:06:01
slin thanks for that Mirko.;) +1
Great Nils! Really intense+1
July 26 2020 20:06:18
slin thanks for that Carlo.;) +0
You always sing with great feeling buddy, excellent song and lyrics slin:W:W:W+1
July 26 2020 20:07:19
slin thanks for that Bluesaway.;) +0
super job Nils<3:W+1
July 26 2020 20:07:56
slin thanks for that Mike.;) +1
Great vocal performance and guitar Nils :W:)+1
July 26 2020 20:18:33
slin thanks for that Gerry.;) +1
Fantastic Nils:D<3+1
July 27 2020 19:39:41
slin thanks for that David.;) +1
a powerful blues you sing Nils in your
signature style :)
July 27 2020 19:40:07
slin thanks for that Shi.;) +1
:W fantastic Nils <3<3+1
July 27 2020 19:40:25
slin thanks for that Xavi.;) +1

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