Heavy Seas

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Mark's drums on this track are honestly some of the best I've heard - I could literally just listen to them as they are and enjoy them. Amazing rhythmic power. I've just added a basic chord progression to them in a jazzy-rock style - kinda reminded me of Pyramid Song by Radiohead (maybe the 6/8 timing). The sounds and constant wash of drums reminded me of being out at sea with waves crashing around - frightening and yet exhilarating. The ...
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Alt Jazz Seasick Experimental


:D:W Heavy Seas ... like those Moitessier, for a moment I was transported on Joshua to the 40 roaring, beautiful work Dan:D:W+1
a fantastic add Dan.;)+1
Wonderful Dan!+1
very nice, great job:D<3+1
this sounds real nice Dan and WD :) liking the stmosphere :)+1
This is a superb track. The two of you work so well together.+1
July 27 2020 10:15:40
DanDiplo Hard to go wrong with such amazing drumming! +1
Fantastic Your Sound DanDiplo. Wonderful your Guitar and Keys add. I like this Sounds friend :Y<3;)+1
Wow..love the lush sound scape <3 Great add Dan! :)+1
Great accompaniment for WDs wonderful drum, you sound fabulous together Dan:W:)+1
:W fantastic Dan+0
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