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Cool rock from Craig and Peter ... I noodled along on this very humid Sunday in Nova Scotia and I had a little fun with it .. thanks guys, great playing from you both! :W:D
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Rock Jam


Yes yes! 1000 thumbs up Ernie 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍:o+3
July 26 2020 23:09:25
Ernie440 only 1000?? hehe Thanks my friend! :D +1
wooo Ernie rocking bass and what a cool track you guys :)+2
July 26 2020 23:09:06
Ernie440 Thanks Shi!! Mucho appreciated!! :D +1
waywardness!:W sounds great <3...ty for joining in brother!:D+2
July 27 2020 15:06:04
Major 3rd
Ernie440 yer welcome brotha !! such a cool jam from the metal master! :W:W +0
great job ernie !!
Very good track and great band:):W
July 27 2020 15:05:37
Ernie440 thanks so much my friend!! :D +1
:W:Dthis track is growing exponentially, beautiful...all good and...:oWayward alive!!!!!:W+1
July 26 2020 23:09:58
Ernie440 heya Jean Paul .. thanks man!! :D +0
:W :D really super Ernie 👍+1
July 26 2020 23:09:41
Ernie440 Many thanks dear Franky!! :D +1
Seems like this is almost automatic for you to play. Do you have to practice tracks like this? So precise!+1
July 26 2020 23:07:35
Ernie440 Thanks Wade, .. ... I start adding the bass before I even listen to the upcoming changes/passages in the entire tune .. just do it in sections. Sometimes I'll play a section 2 or 3 times until I think it sounds OK. It would be overwhelming to try to remember the whole track and then play it like live. Playing live of course, you have to have the whole thing in your head. :O :) +1
July 26 2020 23:16:48
Wade Thanks for the details. Might help me as I'll often just start playing without listening and see if I can anticipate everything. Seldom works, but your tracks never seem "joined" or disjointed. When I try to piece together different takes the quality of sound seems to not match. Of course I'm playing a sax and using a microphone...lots of variables. +1
July 27 2020 15:04:18
Ernie440 yeah mon ... I do "listen" to each section of course .. I just don't try to take the whole song in at once is all. I think OliV recommended this way to do songs in one of the forum threads and I thought at the time .. "hey that's what I do" :W:) +0
July 27 2020 22:53:07
Wade Well, it works and is smart. Not sure If I'll ever slow down that part of the process enough. I'm just a lazy jammer. However I pay for it in editing time...which I HATE! +0
:W yes sir , We too hot here to bro+1
July 27 2020 15:06:38
Ernie440 they're trying to melt us now man, first it was covid .. LOL take care G man!! :W +1
:oYou rocked my fine amigo, very stylish and bang on bass coolness from you Ernie, love it<3:W:Wthanks for joining bro:)+1
July 27 2020 15:05:17
Ernie440 Glad you like it Peter, had to get onboard soon as I heard those groovy drums bro! :D:W +1
Bass locks right in between guitar and drums to really drive the track - hard! Great stuff.+0

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