Angels Remix Of 19432

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i love you more than words can say
i love you more and more each day
whenever you are close to me
theres so much more that i can see
i love the way that you understand my love
i love the way that you fit my hand like a glove

your like a summers day in june
your like the light of a silvery moon
eachtime i go to close my eyes
i feel the magic of your sighs
i love the way that your alway's there my love
i love the way that you alway's care for me

i bless the day you came to me
you woke me up from and endless dream
you gave me life like never before
and left me screaming out for more
there must be angels that brought us near my love
there must be angels who sealed our love for good

Copwright 2014 16th June Lyrics By David Arandjelovic


June 22 2014 05:03:51
francisco alfrancisco al linda canção

June 21 2014 16:46:51
AnneCozeanAnneCozean lovely peaceful mood is enhanced by your beautiful voice, David. such a gorgeous quality to your delivery - good you're here!
+0 June 22 2014 07:43:56 AnneCozeanTEE-KWA
Thankyou Anne :) I'm glad your here too...:)
June 17 2014 01:19:38
ROBJOLROBJOL And happy that you are wearing your happy face...

June 16 2014 21:01:06
ShiShi lovely and LOVELY :)

June 16 2014 18:32:37
ROBJOLROBJOL Beautiful. You have talent my friend.
+1 June 16 2014 18:37:15 ROBJOLTEE-KWA
Thanks Rob
June 16 2014 16:39:17
glennpglennp Nice add. Great emotion and harmonies. Well done...
+0 June 16 2014 18:38:09 glennpTEE-KWA
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