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On occasion I will share one of my own, 20 year old tracks (remastered). I can't play this fast anymore or I'd replay the backing. Maybe it can be added too? Second guitar, keys, etc. If anything, it's good for future ideas =)
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heavy, rock, guitars, drums, bass


Great stuff brother :W I dig it+1
July 27 2020 20:21:57
Psycho Thanks, If you have the right mixing equipment you can sing on this... hint, hint :o +1
Awesome track Bruce:D:D+1
July 27 2020 20:22:54
Psycho Thanks David those were the good old days. The mind functioned a lot better :) +1
yeah!This is a very cool rocker Bruce:W:)+1
July 27 2020 21:40:41
Psycho Thanks Peter, I figured the loops might as well own the rights now. I just recently found a ton of this old stuff. Those were the days. +1
well this is cool Bruce, rocking track here :)+1
July 27 2020 20:52:35
Psycho Thanks Shi, I hate to put these up, but Wade told so... LOL +0
July 27 2020 20:54:54
Shi don't be shy, they sound cool :) +1
July 27 2020 20:58:43
Psycho Not shy, it doesn't feel right to put a track on here that really can't be a collaboration between the crew. But I do know you guys are talented and just might be able to add something ? +1
Awesome template Bruce :)+1
July 27 2020 21:44:17
Psycho Thanks Wolf... one of the ones I actually liked back in the day :) +1
July 27 2020 21:45:08
wjl Really cool - and I also like David's remix on it :) +1
July 28 2020 22:12:05
Psycho Yes, I'm so happy it could be used :) +1
Song has a heavy Lynyrd Skynyrd feel :Dsweet playing :W+1
July 28 2020 22:11:37
Psycho My favorite band, and they surely rubbed off on me. Thanks Mike ! +1
Excellent rocker! Definitely showing some fine technique.+1
July 28 2020 22:10:49
Psycho Appreciate it my friend... very kind of you ! +1
Awesome track Bruce, sounds Killa !! :W :D :W
I like the title too :D
July 28 2020 22:10:13
Psycho Those were the days my friend. Really nice studio and all, but divorce wiped it all out. So I regrouped and am fine again :) Thanks Franky ! +0
great to hear psycho:W:W:)+1
July 28 2020 22:08:03
Psycho Thanks Rene... sharing the old stuff that I found. It was a shock to find and I'm elated that I did :) +0
a awesome track Bruce.;)+1
July 28 2020 22:06:00
Psycho Yeah, I had more fingers that worked back then and now I compensate Django style. No complaints, still having fun :) Thanks slin ! +1

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