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A lovely Latin track from White Drum and GlezBass. Tenor sax added. Single take warts and all.


Sexy music full of sun.+2
July 28 2020 22:19:49
Wade Good observation as I probably recorded it in mid summer of 2019. If I'd recorded it now with it being mid winter and the world full of gloom it would probably sound different. Thanks Rob. +1
July 28 2020 22:35:06
ROBJOL Yes... I heard that there is a new virus somewhere in the world. I think that I should try to get information on this topic. :D +2
July 28 2020 22:56:30
Wade It's a difficult time and not good for people's mental health to be separate and live with fear. Doesn't bother me much, but I can see it in others. +0
July 28 2020 22:59:30
ROBJOL I took some risks. One week ago I took the plane from Montreal to Frankfurt. We were 35 in a plane with more than 300 seats.
Now I am with my Lady. 6 months without seeing each other. It was a long time.
Wonderful, Wade :) And a very good template from Mario as well, cool :Y :)+2
July 28 2020 22:53:45
Wade Thanks Wolfgang. Yes, Mario has played heaps of templates that I join. His Latin lilt always draws me in. +1
Your warts merit recognition Wade <3 awesome performance <3+1
July 28 2020 22:20:28
Wade You are so kind. Thanks Tu. +1
you convert the title perfectly into music. Compliment!:)+1
July 28 2020 22:21:45
Wade The title? Every old man's dream...Ha! Cheers abuitremorem. +1
July 29 2020 02:58:55
abuitremorem But not everyone can translate dreams so beautifully into music:D:D +0
Wonderful listen Wade, beautiful relaxed music :)+1
July 28 2020 22:22:20
Wade So kind of you Franky. Much appreciated. +1
Smooth and groovy :)+1
July 28 2020 22:23:23
Wade Smooth and groovy I'd like to be instead of old and wrinkly. Ha! Cheers WhiteBass. +1
July 29 2020 15:13:51
WhiteBass Same here! :D +1
Excellent jam Wade!! melodic cherry icing for the jam, what I needed !!! ;)+1
July 28 2020 22:45:01
Wade Always a pleasure to join one of your tracks. This one took a long while to get back. I just noted that it's from February 2019. Probably lots more of yours are lurking and will come out at some time. Thanks Mario for all of your wonderful tracks. +1
great!! sound very good Wade! :):)+1
July 28 2020 22:46:22
Wade So nice of you to check it out frenzie. Something very different to playing blues with you and also enjoyable. +1
Flows so nicely with your cool melodies!!!! Excellent as always, Wade!!!+1
July 28 2020 22:48:28
Wade Very kind of you...especially ignoring some mistakes. It has a nice feel/flow to it...easy, but hopefully not too sleazy. Ha! +0
a fantastic sax add Wade.;)+1
July 28 2020 22:49:52
Wade So very kind of you Nils. Hopefully you're getting out and enjoying some summer sunshine. I wish I could be there now for us to have some fun playing together. +1

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