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frankyguitar833 jams
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Great template Charli :W This is my idea how it could goes on. I added some drums, guitar, synths and put some time in the mix....enjoy :D


Great addition to frankyguitar. I am glad that I can hear there. great job happy jamming friend:Y<3;)+2
July 30 2020 09:21:03
frankyguitar Thanx Charli, yes, great fun here:) :W +1
Woad-Super add Franky-love the tension in this buddy:W<3:W
July 30 2020 09:23:36
frankyguitar Thank you very much Keith. It’s for the next Horror SiFi movie 🎥 😂:D :W +1
Funny how we focus on certain things. I just kept hearing the piano note and when and how that went off the beat, and really enjoyed that contrast. The whole track is very good too!+2
July 30 2020 09:33:10
frankyguitar Originally this was not intended, actually wanted to do something else. But then I thought it was cool and kept it that way. In my opinion, it increases the tension in the play. I'm glad you feel the same way, Wade. Thank you very much. +1
<3<3 Great Job Franky,amigo :W+2
July 30 2020 09:36:44
frankyguitar Muchas graçias mi amigo Xavi :W :) <3 +1
:W:W 👍👍👍+1
July 30 2020 09:35:28
frankyguitar :W thank you very much for listening Filo :W +1
Very cool franky, your great creativeness working so well to make this a really atmospheric song bravo<3:W:W+1
July 30 2020 09:38:05
frankyguitar That’s so kind Peter, thank you very much:) <3 :W +1
Super cool and creepy sounding music:o:W+1
July 30 2020 09:39:11
frankyguitar I was in the mood for:O
Thank you very much Ron, I’m happy you like it my friend :) :W
a fantastic add Franky.;)+1
July 30 2020 20:45:12
frankyguitar Thank you very much Nils :) +1
Very well done Franky... what a cool track by all you guys !!!+1
July 30 2020 21:15:49
frankyguitar Thank you very much Bruce, I had much fun. Well, I always have fun while doing music :D +1
July 30 2020 21:17:23
Psycho Music is full of life ;) +1
Great music from you both 😁👍+1
July 31 2020 10:28:53
frankyguitar Hey Rob, thank you very much. Didn’t see you here some time. Great you are here again! :) +0

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