2.5K WJW (Wikiloops Jams Walks) 🎂

acoustic Guitar & Percussion:
GlezBass2512 jams
Jypeka423 jams
upright Bass:
GlezBass2512 jams
step III
GlezBass2512 jams
no additional instruments available so far
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I have chosen this buleria with Jypeka to upload my track 2500 with so many good musicians and friends that I have met here, it seems like it was yesterday but it is just tomorrow 6 years making music and fun on Wikiloops. Long live WL and I'm going for my next 2500 !!! A little piano for Jean Paul's magnificent violin track;) The number is the least important ... but it illustrates how much I have played with my friends !!!


Hohoho !today we have the right to say "Super Mario" :W
Bravo for your 2.5 K WJW and very honored that I participate in this track
I'm not at 0.5K WJW yet, but glad to meet some nice people in this group
We do great things together

Good road to you for the next 2.5k :Y:P
July 30 2020 18:14:12
GlezBass Thanks so much Jean Paul for your kindly words!! we continue .... !! :) +0
Happy 2.500 Mario!
Thanks for bringing so many good sounds and vibrations;)
July 30 2020 18:54:14
GlezBass Thanks to you friend!! we keep hearing each other !! +1
July 30 2020 21:55:03
Diamant I was just wondering Mario :
2.500 jams in 6 years means that you recorded more than a track every single day including weekends, holidays and even christmas day !
I don't think that there's many musicians on this planet who can say so even among pros touring and recording in studios all year long;)
Bravo l'Artiste !!
July 30 2020 22:47:55
GlezBass well there are musicians right here that surpass me, but consider that many mix tracks of other musicians or remixed tracks, but a very high number are of their own musical "bill" !! In my case as an amateur multi-instrumentalist, I will convert one jam into several jams (bass, guitar, keyboards, percussion and sometimes the least voices ...), although I do not dedicate myself professionally to music, it is my passion for being a hobby !! +1
I wish you another 2.5k as fantastic as the first Mario<3:W:)congratulations+2
July 30 2020 22:42:58
GlezBass Thanks Peter! and you can hear it or play jams with me !! :) +1
Congratulations and good choice. I have always been a fan of your music and playing and hope to hear many more from you.+1
July 30 2020 22:42:15
GlezBass Many thanks Wade! I say the same of his music! ;) +1
Happy 2500th mi querido pateo :)+1
July 30 2020 22:57:48
GlezBass Thanks so much Tof! my dear friend... one of my reference musicians on this website !!! :) +0
Really nice stuff. And Jean Luc Ponty now calling himself Jypeka.+1
July 31 2020 12:11:12
GlezBass Jean Luc Ponty is here in WL with a pseudonym !! (Jypeka !!) :D:D +0

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