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Another from the Psycho basement, only I think there is plenty of room for more. I spent hours cutting this up and remixing it to get rid of all the lead guitar, but there is still some parts that I couldn't remove =)
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pop, rock, ballad, world


cool template you made here Bruce :)+2
July 30 2020 20:49:58
Psycho Thanks very much Shi, I'm ecstatic that I found these old recordings :) +1
July 30 2020 20:50:54
Shi thanks for sharing them with us :) +0
:oGreat ballad, classic feel Bruce you are finding some cool gems in your basement my friend :W:W+1
July 30 2020 20:48:50
Psycho Thanks Peter, I thought these were all lost in a divorce garage sale. Got a ton of old stuff that I will probably simply replay. +1
That's really cool Bruce, I like to listen the oldies. Super track and cool playing my friend ! :W :)+1
July 30 2020 21:12:54
Psycho It's probably from 1998, seems like yesterday. Although I put a lot of work into it... yesterday. I'll share the original later. Thanks my friend :) +1
Sounds good and well balanced, although a bit "quiet".+1
July 31 2020 13:12:32
Psycho I tried to mix it to a medium volume, but the upload is quieter. But I know what you mean, I had to turn up the volume quite a bit to hear it. Thanks Wade :) +1
great psycho, that gives me an idea of how ads should sound with your acoustic guitar. It also stimulates me to think about music, time and how to deal with it :)+1
July 31 2020 13:10:19
Psycho Cool, I'm glad it opened up some ideas my friend, thanks :) +0
:W:W Great, Bruce !:)+1
July 31 2020 13:09:21
Psycho Appreciate the words Filo :) +1
Fantastic Your Template friend great job :W<3B)+1
July 31 2020 13:08:12
Psycho Thanks very much Charli :) +1
Love the tapping!!+1
August 02 2020 04:34:43
Psycho Thanks Haf. I would have taken it out if I could, only because I didn't think it fit the track after editing :) +0
what a cool job you did my friend! Also here I am curious what is still to come:)+1
August 04 2020 03:19:18
Psycho Yes I am too :) Thanks Pewi ! +1

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