One Last Valley

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acoustic Guitar, Vocals & Sequencer:
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My own composition played on my Martin Sigma and keyboard with a synth string synth.
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Acoustic, Guitar Unplugged, Ballad,


A sweet song that could have been depressing, but you kept it sounding positive.+2
July 31 2020 03:12:15
bluvation Well for someone weaned on songs like 'Old Shep', Bobby Goldsboro's 'Honey' and Marty Robbins 'Streets of Laredo' this is light hearted comedy lol! :) Thanks for the feed back Wade, much appreciated :W +2
Good one Gerry, last orders... these days its all 24
hours:o super song my friend<3
July 31 2020 07:06:01
bluvation Open 24 hrs Wow! that would be like running a marathon when you're used to the 100yard dash :o:)
Thanks David :W
Very romantic your song bluvation. I like him very much friend:Y<3<3;)+1
July 31 2020 07:45:08
bluvation Thanks Charli, I'm happy you liked it :W<3 +1
Fine playing and those lyrics are so good Gerry<3 Not to be overly complimentary, as I know you are modest, but your vocal is one of your best yet buddy-and I've heard a "few".<3
July 31 2020 23:43:59
bluvation Thanks Keith, very kind of you buddy. :W<3:) +1
Very nice Gerry, wonderful done :) <3+1
August 02 2020 03:04:20
bluvation Thanks franky :W<3 +1
Beautiful!! Gerry<3<3<3+1
August 05 2020 22:02:51
bluvation Thanks Dorothy, I'm happy you like it :W<3<3 +0

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