Mahabarats Revenge (Indian hip hop)

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Ok guys, heres a bit of fun, just a little hip hop groove with a slightly indian vibe. Ever watched Mahabarat on tv years ago? classic light hearted stuff! Has room for something, bass, maybe more indian instruments - have a blast!
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Indian, hip hop, chilled, ambient


Very nice house with beautiful rooms...+2
July 31 2020 14:39:50
pconey Thanks Robert, good to see you around! Hope you are doing plenty of music and keeping safe! :) +0
Cool :Y:D+1
July 31 2020 14:38:51
pconey Thank you Mr WhiteBass! Hope you are keeping well :) +1
really cool :)+1
July 31 2020 15:36:18
pconey Thanks Brian, something chilled for the weekend! :) +1
July 31 2020 16:43:19
bhunt1 exactly - groove on :) +1
Great pconey, great rhythm and sound ... I like it:W+1
July 31 2020 16:41:16
pconey Hey thanks Peatric, im glad you liked it, thanks for listening! :) +1
Definitely chill,Dang! so soothing and relaxing.wish I were on the beach right now with my lady. Watching the surf and listening to this<3+1
July 31 2020 17:03:33
pconey That would be cool! maybe a few pina coladas? a big cigar? or maybe a bit of Indian Bhang and beef madras? +1
I'm a playin :):D:Y:Y+1
August 01 2020 14:22:23
pconey Ha, glad you did, your add was simply super duper! :) +1
August 01 2020 14:54:48
Fishinmissio Always enjoy the ride :) +1
August 01 2020 14:57:22
pconey [img][/img] +1
Very cool track Paul, thanks so much :)+1
August 01 2020 14:23:06
pconey Thank you Wolfgang, feel free to add some bass my friend! thanks a lot for listening :) +0
oooh and what's not to like :) real nice sounds Paul :)+1
August 01 2020 14:25:19
pconey Thanks Shi, a chilled one for the weekend! how are you at Indian Classical Mantras / chanting? :) +1
August 01 2020 18:18:26
Shi not something I've tried Paul....but who knows ...:) +0
Always like the way you embrace the Bollywood sound and feel. This is unusual as it's much more contemplative.+1
August 01 2020 14:26:44
pconey Thank you Wade, I like to dabble in these sounds as you know, and try to do something unusual! +1
Cool Chunky vibe against the delicate exotic element with a unique progression. i love it! Change at 2:06 sizzled - beautiful work.<3+1
August 01 2020 14:28:58
pconey Thanks Anne :) I appreciate that you recognised the subtle things! Thank you for listening :D +1

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