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Wonderful piece from Philip and from Peter, couldn't resist to add a bit of a bottom end to the second half of it. HD is the bass alone as always. Thanks for the fun my friends, hope you'll like my little contribution.
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not so unplugged anmore, fretless bass


and doesn't this sound real nice :) a lovely combination :)+1
July 31 2020 20:37:01
wjl Thank you dear Shi - that's very kind of you to say :) And I'm glad if you like it :) +1
Et comment que j'aime ta contribution mon cher Wolfgang!!!...:) <3<3<3
Ici,tu invites le suspense aussi...:):)
July 31 2020 21:06:56
wjl Merci à toi pour la belle chanson Philip - et je suis honoré de pouvoir en faire un peu partie :) +1
Your bass so welcome in giving this a solid rhythmic backing that begins the second section. Also a good "morph" into the last section. Very clever.+1
August 01 2020 08:33:51
wjl Thank you Wade, this is great praise :) Glad if you like it :) +0
sehr schöner natürlicher Sound Wolfgang.
sehr schöner Bass hier freund <3
August 01 2020 08:33:18
wjl Vielen Dank Charli - freut mich wirklich wenn's Dir gefällt :) +1
Oh man, THIS is music!! The moment your bass starts walking is an absolute WoW-moment!!+1
August 01 2020 08:32:52
wjl Thank you Pat - very kind of you to say that, and I'm happy if you like it :) +0
Phuau....Wolfgang, der Moment in dem Du mit Deinem Bass einsetzt ist absolut magisch🌄
Vielen Dank für diesen Moment👍🎶🎶
August 01 2020 19:46:55
wjl Danke Peter - dasselbe hab ich bei Deiner Flöte aber auch gedacht :) Freut mich wenn's Dir gefällt :) +0
Fabulous bass fit with the second half of the track! I was wondering why no first half bit it makes total sense. Nice one Wolfgang! Are yo going to Richard's house later this month?+1
August 04 2020 13:40:59
wjl Thank you Brian, and yes I will :) +0

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