Strut - Mega Disco Party Remix BDC)

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I was very sad about hearing bigdaddio passing away - and so I'm going to dedicate some time to remix and jam on some more of his amazing work - I loved this guy. I hope you like this, i've made it more of a punchy disco stomper. My stuff kicks in after after the first drum fill Thank you Sir BigDaddyKins (and also Sir Tofzegrit!)
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BigDaddyio, BigDaddyKins, BigDaddyC, Mr T


Doesn't this sound real cool and groovy :) Real nice work :)+1
July 31 2020 20:50:59
pconey Thanks Shi my dear, Cee and Mr T put that groovy track down - just a few little bits from me...I appreciate you listening! :) +2
July 31 2020 20:52:06
Shi welcome :) +2
Nice tribute and groove Paul, cool to be remembered so well....RIP Clay+1
July 31 2020 20:54:27
pconey Indeed Peter, such a great talented guy. You've done some fine drumwork on his tracks too! keep up the good work!;) +1
super add bro:D+1
August 01 2020 21:33:34
pconey ha ha, thank you Sir Michael, that was a lot of fun to play around with! happy days! :D +1
For our friend, thank you Paul. such good times with his music here+1
August 01 2020 21:34:40
pconey Thank you to you and Cee - yes some of the very best times here :) +1
That's pretty amazing. Can't keep still!+1
August 01 2020 21:35:54
pconey Thanks Wade, I found it hard to keep still working it! So funkalicious from those guys! :) +1
What a good bye! Great music with good vibes on his way!!+1
August 01 2020 21:38:44
pconey Yes, this had some good vibes! Its happy good time music. He deserved the best good bye, hope to see more guys do some additions. Thank you very much Pat :) +1
What Shi wrote :Y :)

Great track, mates :W
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