Funk on the Boil

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Three musicians who I have great respect for on this one and it's a stolen pleasure to join them! Modified sopranino in the fray and hopefully not covering any of their fine playing.


wonderful tones - a pleasure to hear that compliment<3+2
August 02 2020 03:47:59
Wade So glad you and other dig this. Thanks so much. +0
Where can I buy a ticket to this Band?
MMmmmmmm - love that sexy groove. Jorg - bass sounds yummy. Frankie's got the rhythm and has got it good. :) Nice to hear you helming this, Fred. Like the way you mix it up with your touches. You bent like a willow in the wind in this one, Wade. Stellar tune.
August 01 2020 20:05:46
Keeper Imagery for sure! Thank you sister Anne! +2
August 02 2020 03:48:55
Wade And certainly many thanks to you for instigating this track...your fault or credit...take your choice! +0
August 02 2020 03:51:09
Wade Too right. Loving the subtlety of this. I'm kind of out of place here as these guys are masters of subtle. Still very glad if you like it. Cheers Anne. +2
fantastic phrasing, throughout the tour <3<3+2
August 02 2020 03:52:04
Wade A short tour, but so glad if you enjoyed it! Thanks Xavi. +1
Wonderful your saxophone tone Wade. Very calm line your game. I like great sound very friend<3+2
August 02 2020 03:53:36
Wade Very kind of you to hear this as calm tone. The sopranino is noted for peeling paint and driving the neighborhood dogs mad. Big smiles Charli! +1
Sweet groove+2
August 02 2020 03:54:11
Wade So kind of you to give this a listen and comment . Thanks Woxbox! +0
Nice stuff amigo, love this laid back funk .. and yer sax is perfecto on this one Wade! :W+2
August 02 2020 03:55:14
Wade Cheers Ernie. Yea, the rhythm is important, but I'm often ignoring it and just playing melodic lines. So glad if you think it works. +0

Groovy <3

Perfect tone and mood, Wade :W :o
August 02 2020 03:56:19
Wade Such a kind comment. Cheers Mirko! +1
Fantastic Wade,wow!<3+1
August 02 2020 03:57:18
Wade Glad you think it's OK. I'm sticking out a bit from that cool funk background...somebody had to do it? +1
Very cool Wade! I like what Anne said about the willow bending in the wind! Imagery!+1
August 02 2020 03:58:18
Wade So glad you're OK with the add. All of you are such masters of subtle, I'm kind of the opposite on this. Maybe it works? I hope so! +0
sounds great Wade! excellent add..:)+1
August 02 2020 03:59:47
Major 3rd
Wade So kind of you Major 3rd. It's an odd way to play funk, but hopefully interesting! Thanks. +1

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