Coral Bleaching

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Fantastic but really disturbing and never seen pictures in a great documentary about the Coral Bleaching. Very very sad, but I hope they can rescue it. A - locrian could fit :D The HD is without drums.


Franky, this is great brother! The message is very clear, and the haunting music sums up the feeling. What we are doing to the world is unacceptable - try telling that to our deaf and blind governments though :| Great music :)+3
August 01 2020 21:58:38
frankyguitar Thanx very much Paul :W
I would give an annual salary so that the stupid political caste finally wakes up! But others give them much more than I can ever earn...
Very nice Franky! sounds wonderful...:)+2
August 04 2020 19:30:40
Major 3rd
frankyguitar Thank you very much Craig! :) +1
So good of you to be raising awareness. Our beloved Great Barrier Reef is dying. Your fine music gives pause. Hopefully people will realize that their choices make a difference. Thank you Franky for your music and words...hopefully it will help.+2
August 04 2020 19:35:55
frankyguitar Yes, that’s so sad 😞 Wade. We have only some very little steps to rescue something but huge steps to destroy something :( +1
fantastic Franky :W+2
August 04 2020 19:36:49
frankyguitar Thank you very much Gary! +1
Very cool track, Frankie, with a serious message. Great soundscape, could just leave this on repeat :)+2
August 04 2020 19:44:03
frankyguitar Thank you very much Dan. :) +0
I like the way you are using the sequencer. Sounds way cool buddy :)+2
August 04 2020 19:44:41
frankyguitar I try my best Bruce, thank you very much. :) +1
So appropriate for this issue Franky-damn fools don't care-more important to sit and count their money:o
August 04 2020 19:46:50
frankyguitar Thank you very much Keith! Unfortunately you are so right! +1
a fantastic track Franky.;)+2
Die Botschaft ist furchtbar hart Franky. Wenn ich auf die Ebene der Musik komme, dann meine ich, dass Du die Musik zum Transportieren der Information nutzt. Im Gegensatz zu Deinen Vorgängern besingst Du aber keine Helden.....+1
August 01 2020 22:20:58
frankyguitar Ja, stimmt. Meine Stimmung war mal wieder auf einem Tiefpunkt, aber nicht ganz hoffnungslos. Die 55 min. der Doku sind gut angelegte Zeit. :) +0
:W amazing and Wonderful job Franky,amigo <3<3+1
August 01 2020 23:42:47
ivax Sadly, Humanity is doing so much damage to the ecosystem that it will be very difficult to regenerate so much destruction,amigo Franky +1
August 04 2020 19:29:49
frankyguitar Thank you very much Xavi. Unfortunately the mightys always only interested in counting money. +1
August 04 2020 21:11:26
ivax you're right Franky,amigo +0
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