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Thanks to OlivBee, Marceys, Marmotte and Demian as this track tickled me to try and use the bass again after a few weeks of forcedrest. A very atmospheric song in which I tried to add a bit of extra drama with some maybe over the top echo delay on the vocals. I hope it doesn't distract too much from the rest. I dont mind if you want to use my bass part without the echoes on the vocals, my bare ...


Thanks for your add. Very good bass line! And i like the work in the voice too!+1
August 02 2020 03:32:05
Fivestringer Thank you for liking it all, Demian. :D And thanks in return for 'planting' the seeds for this basspart. ;) +1
August 03 2020 00:38:06
Demian Haha! Bass and drums are always conected!:W +0
We don't hear from you often, but it's always a delight when we do.+1
August 02 2020 03:25:15
Fivestringer Thanks Wade, well the absence is not always my choice but the presence is. ;) +2
Smooth harmonic lines! That must be Fivestringer and yes!
Love it and great to hear you again, the treatment of the vocals gives a very wide spectrum and suits the track real good! :Y
August 02 2020 08:30:56
Fivestringer Thanks Marc, :D it feels good to be recognized upon listening. The vocals was somthing just for fun whie making. But when I wanted to finalize and undo it I missed its airyness. So I decided to let it in. +1
So glad you were inspired to pick up your bass again :) but the biggest joy is that you COULD do it indeed !! welcome back my friend ;) do i hear a last major chord ala Beatles ? :D+1
August 02 2020 17:09:49
Fivestringer Thanks Oliv, yes it was more of a 'could' than a want, but it feels good to be back. And about that last major chord, you know I like a bit of scrub and scrape every now and then ;) +1
August 02 2020 19:51:15
OliVBee oh don't get me wrong i love the twist :D +0
August 02 2020 21:48:32
Fivestringer don't worry I didn't get you wrong. :D I just said I also like the friction comming from those combinations +1
Fantastic band sound fivestringer great bass add I like this Sounds friend <3+1
August 02 2020 17:23:59
Fivestringer Thanks again for the compliment my friend :D +1
Yum, your notes are a hug, glad to hear you back, thanks for joining :)+1
August 04 2020 00:05:38
Fivestringer Merci Marmotte.<3 Although my strings are very old and are lacking definition. I was glad that I was able to pick my bass up long enough to record again.:) +0
Always a beautiful listen when you share your fine musicality, not often enough in my opinion, bravo:W:)+1
August 04 2020 00:12:40
Fivestringer Thanks PJE! :D Somebody once told me: Always leave the audience wanting more. Allthough the absence wasn't by choice the theory proved itself true again. ;) +1
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