VALLEY OF DESPAIR (think pink)

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here's a cheery little ditty - NOT!
thanks to kimbo for pointing me here.

i'm visiting the valley of despair/and i've never ever been so low/and at the bottom of this deep dark place i'm in/feels like there's no where left to go/i want to be where you are/and not here all alone/i want to be where you are/baby take me home/went down to the valley of no hope/to see what i could find/when i got down to the bottom of that hole/i saw my broken heart and mind/i'm visiting the valley of the lost/but i sure don't wanna stay/if i don't try and leave here soon/valley's gonna make me pay/i want to be where you are/just like we were before/i want to be where you are/baby where's the door/i'm visiting the valley and the void/such a lonely place to be/i try to leave that cold and barren place/but it's not done with me


December 22 2014 08:34:46
TEE-KWATEE-KWA lovley Anne as usual......:)......Going to try this later today....sweet ;)

August 14 2014 13:23:56
jstefjstef Great vocals Anne.
+0 August 16 2014 18:41:43 jstefAnneCozean
thank you so much, Stefano!
July 15 2014 19:54:22
MidoruMidoru Love, love, love this! Looking forward to exploring what you do in a much deeper way.
+0 July 19 2014 18:28:23 MidoruAnneCozean
Thank you for your gracious comment, Midoru. 8)
July 05 2014 02:38:10
RickplayerRickplayer great one
+0 July 05 2014 20:25:22 RickplayerAnneCozean
Rick - thanks so much!
July 05 2014 23:59:35 RickplayerRickplayer
June 20 2014 12:49:17
akethesnakerakethesnaker Love it!:)

June 19 2014 20:18:07
gnoerrebygnoerreby Expressive vocals!!!!

June 19 2014 13:30:04
@FreshFunk@FreshFunk beautiful :) great vocals - nice - nice - nice

June 19 2014 11:58:50
ROBJOLROBJOL Came to Wiki to have a boost to start the day. I think I will go back to bed...

June 19 2014 08:22:18
Steve2000Steve2000 Love it. Cheered me right up!

June 19 2014 05:28:03
francisco alfrancisco al nicely done


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