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When I was a child and the sun shone like that, I smiled at the day and the day smiled back. I was happy-go-lucky, it was all about fun, and nothing could touch me, oh watch me run. But was it so long ago ? Was it so long ago ? Oh don’t say it’s so, no, don’t say it’s so. Enfant, quand le soleil brillait comme aujourd’hui, Je riais au grande jour qui me souriait en retour. Berce d’insouciance, ...


I don´t have to write here anything, amazing as always!:)+3
love this melody, Shi. sounds like the perfect, effortless sing for you. neat lyrics, as well. Oliv gives VERY GOOD backing, doesn't he? i say it's so!+3
Here we go again!!! Very, very nice!
Where will I ever find the time to play with all these great tunes??? :)
June 17 2014 21:23:55
cschlote Hmm.. Same ideas..? I can hear it already in my mind.. +0
Another lamguage! French fits perfect! :)+3
This is a Platonic Musical Affair :
Oliv's instrumentals woo Shi, she responds w/ her mellifluous voice, both meld into one &….you ALMOST make me feel like a voyeur, even if it's oh…so…pleasing ! :)
Hope my compliment wasn't too ''risqué''….that would be as far from my intent as possible but, writing such things in a language other than ours can be tricky
June 17 2014 21:54:51
OliVBee loved your words actually ! +1
June 17 2014 21:59:00
nuno1959 Good, it means you got it as intended !! ;)
&….Keep them coming !
"Enfant, quand le soleil brillait comme aujourd’hui, Je riais au grand jour qui me souriait en retour."
This phrase in french with your tasty english voice sounds so beautiful...
Shi, OlivBee, pure poésie...
Not sure what you said, but I'll buy some! Nice work Shi and Oliv...+2
I agree with Adu!..beautiful always and OliV! u 1 class artist m8!
Love it!:)
Nice Shi :)+2

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