Blue Blocker's Ruption

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Happy Bluesday! I'm having a blast and just hoping I haven't toe-stepped my blues-mates. Great track from the astounding likes of Frenzie, Bothen on drums and ma Man Ernie on Bass...Wow!


Thanks for this....Tuesday is Tu's day! :Y<3:D+5
August 04 2020 13:37:16
frenzie Good one! :D +3
August 04 2020 22:01:09
Wade So glad if you're OK with this. I played a lot over your fine lines. +1
August 04 2020 22:40:15
frenzie Keep on doing that I play so many lines! :):) +1
Ripping the blues out of that saxophone :):)+2
August 04 2020 22:02:41
Wade It's a new (to me) horn so just getting used to it and seeing what it can do. +1
Blues but with a jazzy edge - but you totally nail the "bounce" for the swing feel of this. You can feel the exuberance coming through!+2
August 04 2020 22:08:20
Wade So kind of you Dan. I swear I wasn't thinking jazz, but oh well one just plays what they hear as appropriate. Thanks so very much for the listen...much appreciated. +0
:Y :D :W Fantastic play. Fits like a champ :)+2
August 04 2020 22:09:45
Wade Maybe also fits like a wheel clamp? Ha! Cheers Bruce. +1
Your Blues tastes like swing, which makes it delicious !+1
August 04 2020 22:05:26
Wade Yea, maybe too much syncopation? Oh well, it's a new horn so mostly experimental for me. +0
Hi Wade:)sounds great to me buddy:Y+1
August 04 2020 22:06:51
Wade Thanks Pete. Just wanted to get in there and wail a bit. +1
Great Blues Band here.....Smooth as Butta!!:W:):W+1
August 04 2020 22:09:00
Wade Very sorry there's no room for you in this, maybe next time? Cheers Peter. +1
Nice feel on this slightly different blues jam .. fits perfect Wade... like Dan said "you nailed the bounce", I do love it .. that's some great saxin!! Happy Bluesday!! :W:D Thanks for the great add man.+1
August 04 2020 22:11:57
Wade As usual listening to you for the bounce. Bass is the glue, I'm just a diddler. Glad if you like. Thanks Ernie. +0
Boom, my feets can’t stop tapping :W
Sounds great Wade :D :) :D
August 04 2020 22:13:24
Wade Good on those feets! So glad if this one made you jump and move. Thanks Franky. +1
wow thats some fantastic Blues sax playing Wade.;)+1
August 04 2020 22:15:00
Wade So kind of yo Nils. Probably should be a "rougher" sound too be blues sax. New horn, so still getting used to it. Still sounds a little to sweet for the blues. Cheers Nils. +1

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