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The first half is open for other instruments or vocals, and the second I got stingy with =)
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pop, rock, ballad


A really classic sounding song Bruce, think you, and I certainly, enjoyed your letting rip in the 2nd half my friend:W:)+2
August 05 2020 22:17:57
Psycho Yeah, this is another one of my old tracks that had some room on the first half. I need to start collaborating with you guys again :) But this find was too cool. Thanks for the listen my friend :) +1
August 05 2020 22:19:29
PJE As long as you’re having fun Bruce, we all will too....with you:):W +2
August 05 2020 22:20:41
Psycho I'll spread things out a bit. I wanna play some new stuff anyway :) +1
Ahhh, share an atmospheric moment with us here! I remember in the past when I spent many hours in a musty damp cellar making music together with others.
Cool solo, I love that sound:):)
August 07 2020 16:32:47
Psycho Thanks very much my friend :) +0
Bruce, you are a real master at these Rock ballads! Beautiful track! :)+2
August 07 2020 16:32:12
Psycho Thanks Stef... a very nice comment for sure :) +1
August 16 2020 16:42:18
hartmut "master at these Rock ballads" didn't came into my mind, but i should have said! hehe ! So true! :) +0
:W fantastic Bruce,amigo :D+1
August 06 2020 03:17:39
Psycho I appreciate it my friend :) +1
cool. thanks for sharing your older music. this must sound great live:D+1
August 06 2020 03:17:09
Psycho It was all recorded live in bits and pieces. I regret I didn't have a band then to play some of these live at venues :) Thanks Mike !! +1
Keep them coming! Another fine track. Good solo in the second half.+1
August 06 2020 03:14:39
Psycho Thanks Wade, appreciate the comments on bringing on the old stuff. I will still do that, but break it up so I collaborate more, just like I used too :) +1
Cool chord progression. You had me hooked on the diminished chords. B)+1
August 07 2020 15:58:48
Psycho Thanks very much PD :) +0
Downloading for future B)+1
August 07 2020 15:58:21
Psycho Cool :) +0
Good classic rock! A cool mid tempo ballad and then breaking loose halfway!:):):W:)+1
August 06 2020 13:10:38
Psycho Thanks frenz. Always the rock guy for sure, but heavy Blues is in my blood too :) +1
Well this has a certain charm to it...great upload <3<3<3+1
August 06 2020 13:09:32
Psycho Thanks Tu, kinda fun to share and this one can be added to. So it's not a total waste for you guys :) <3 +1
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