Awakening a Longing

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Such a sad and romantic template from Mario. Got very lucky on this and just played in one take. A few mistakes, but a wonderful jamming exercise. Tenor sax recorded with a ribbon microphone.


Beautiful Wade,wonderful duo there with Mario<3+1
August 06 2020 11:01:35
Wade So glad you like was quite a surprise that it worked and didn't take my usual 90 minutes to edit. Thanks Marc +1
Splendid one take!!! What a sound !!<3 Marvellous story too <3<3 Bravo Wade !+1
Lovely jam:)+1
August 06 2020 11:04:18
Wade Thanks Frankie. I've still got several of yours rattling around waiting to come forward. Got to admit to liking duo tracks a lot. +1
August 06 2020 20:23:12
FrankieJ I've noticed that:) +1
Beautiful sound! These lines wok like a charm!!:):)+1
August 06 2020 11:06:21
Wade The sound is something new for me as it's a ribbon microphone. Still learning how to use it without it booming in the low notes. Not sure it's right for blues, but will try it. Thanks Frenzie. +0
Wow, such a wonderful combination here Wade, and fits like a dream with Mario. For a moment I thought Jim Hall and Paul Desmond were in my room! :)+1
August 06 2020 11:10:17
Wade Flattery! I love it! I started learning sax in 1958 and then first heard Paul Desmond in about 1961. He blew my mind with his amazing sound. I truly wish I could sound like him. Thanks Paul. +0
Reminds me my long walks in the night in Paris. Beautiful music.+1
August 06 2020 11:13:32
Wade What a lovely romantic vision. So glad you didn't get mugged (wouldn't have been a good memory). Cheers Rob. Got to admit to loving walking around Paris. My first visit there was in 1958 and I was let loose to explore on my own. I was 12 years was amazing. +1
August 07 2020 12:26:57
ROBJOL I think that your play is at it's top now. +1
A wonderful partnering I can imagine you playing live together both deeply immersed and mostly oblivious to the fascination of your audience, just as it should be+1
August 06 2020 11:38:56
Wade It's kind of a recurring wish that many of us must have to play sometime together live. Just happens that Mario and I have played together live in Spain. Wasn't for very long and no audience...but well remembered by me. Thanks Peter. +1
August 06 2020 11:39:44
PJE Love to have seen that Wade +1
August 06 2020 12:11:19
Wade Playing live is best. I probably would have been in Germany this next week for the jam if it weren't for the "bug", then UK after that. Playing together live is a distinct possibility although as I recall you're in a small town up north. My wife's family live in Kent. I've visited Kimbo in Cornwall...that's remote! So could happen. I've also had two Wikiloops musos from Europe visit here in New Zealand. +1
August 06 2020 12:20:45
PJE Heres hoping things improve eventually and then there are always possibilities +1
August 06 2020 12:24:45
Wade Fortunately we're (more/less) back to "normal" here in New Zealand, so have already been out several times playing live. I sure hope the UK and others get it together. If Podunk New Zealand can do it anybody can. +0
You take me on a dreamlike trip! It's a pleasure to listen to you two!+1
August 07 2020 00:25:34
Wade Thanks so much peter. Mario has such a wonderful romantic heart imbued with his Andalusian soul. Makes it easy to just follow his lead. +0
O sweet melancholy, was it the girl from Ipanema that just passed by, and now she's gone? Great tone and phrasing, Wade. Kudos to Mario, too.+1
August 07 2020 00:26:51
Wade I think you've hit the feeling perfectly. Thanks Bluesdog. +0
What a good sound. I love it, guys.+1
August 07 2020 00:27:32
Wade Thanks so much Andri for checking it out. Much appreciated. +0
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