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Haven' been playing electric bass much in the last years, so my fingers are not that fast anymore. Master Ernie can do this kind of stuff surely more easily and rhythmically more accurate than me, but anyway, I had a lot of fun noodling along with this weirdo funk tune and it's unusual chord voicing. Thanks guys for the invitation ...
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Thanks for joining! :) "unusual chord voicing" yeah, every now and then, love to use them, but I'm not good at naming those chords! It starts in E minor, then it's strange, some kind of a C#m7 with diminished 5th, there's the 6th too somewhere, am I wrong? :@ It's hard to tell! Maybe someone can help us!+0
August 06 2020 20:25:46
Cantaloopo :D I could not find out what the second chord might be, but staying in Emaj with the bass sounded ok to me. I'm also not good in naming chords, always play by ear. +1
sehr feiner Bass! Toll :) :)+0
August 06 2020 20:28:30
Cantaloopo Danke, Hartmut! Wie gesagt, man könnte es besser machen, aber ich bin leider etwas aus der Übung mit schnellen Sechzehntel Anschlägen :D +1
sounds funky to me cantaloopo and I like the edginess of this track you guys...I'm seeing a cool film noir detective :)+0
August 06 2020 22:29:55
Cantaloopo :D edginess is the right adverb for this jam. And your'e right - we should try to sell it to the producers of "true detective"! Thank you for listening and your comment, Shi! ;) +0
There's no chords name for the hears. Just fits or not. Here is a perfect bass voicing. So many thanks to you Cantaloopo for your add. The track is on his way :W+0
August 06 2020 23:12:26
Cantaloopo You make my (late) evening, thanks, Cassius, also for your cool drum template! B) +1
Sounding good to me. Also a download.+0
August 06 2020 23:19:39
Cantaloopo Thanks, Wade. Am I right that we will hear some cool sax from down under with this "edgy" track soon? :D +1
August 06 2020 23:27:46
Wade Probably not "soon". I'm notoriously slow in getting to tracks. Once recorded they also sit waiting to be edited. When edited they also "mature" in a large pile waiting to be posted back. I just posted one last week that was 1 1/2 years old. I don't keep track so it's random when they get back, but seldom in the same month. +0
August 06 2020 23:39:54
Cantaloopo I see, we are very different in this respect. I have to record at once, when I like a template and think I can add something that fits and of course I want to post it instantly. I don't waste much time on editing either. May be I better should ... :| +1
August 07 2020 00:03:22
Wade Nice to have that sort of excitement. If I get too excited I might fall out of my rocking chair! +0
August 07 2020 07:59:45
Cantaloopo :D:D. another difference. It's hard to play bass or guitar while sitting in a rocking chair, except it has no armrests. +1
August 07 2020 22:11:03
Wade I like the mental picture of a rocking chair the height of the sort of stools bass players use. +0
August 08 2020 23:46:55
Cantaloopo Jesus on a bike ... rocking at this height would make you seasick within minutes! :D +1
August 09 2020 01:18:07
Wade Truth is I can't play sitting down...the rocking chair is for recuperation! (I'm old) +0
Also ich für meinen Teil finde nichts, das mich stört (zugegeben, ich verstehe nichts vom Bass)! Im Gegenteil, mir gefällt die Art wie Du diesen eher komplizierten Par­cours angegangen bist:)+0
August 07 2020 14:44:40
Cantaloopo Lieb von dir, danke schön. Ich bemerke halt leider ein kleines Defizit bei mir, was die Exaktheit der schnellen Anschläge betrifft. Sollte vielleicht mal wieder gezielt üben oder so, aber das ist langweilig ... B) +1
August 07 2020 14:47:50
Pewi Üben finde ich auch langweilig:D Doch seit ich bei Wikiloops dabei bin wird meine Fingerbeweglichkeit wenigstens nicht schlechter;):) +0
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