Death Sharks

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Many people hate sharks because they do not understand them. But the fact is, in 2019 there were 64 attacks by sharks, 2 people died. How many die in car accidents? Worldwide, about 1.35 million in 2019. Again, it's time to point where it hurts. Every year about 73 million sharks are brutally killed. They are cut off their fins alive to let them die and rot in the sea. For what? So that 1.4 billion Chinese can boast of having eaten ...
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So true. Just like anything that can be potentially harmful needs that human awareness. You played a fine tribute to all things in that category. Well done Franky :) !!!!!!+1
August 07 2020 20:47:43
frankyguitar Slowly I get tired of it, all the time there are only bad things to say about humanity. If there are extraterrestrials, and they visit the earth maybe in 100.000 years, what will they say when they find the remains and see all the atrocities we have inflicted on ourselves and others? It's so sad my friend. +0
Fantastic my friend<3:D+1
August 07 2020 20:48:27
frankyguitar Thank you very much David !! I'm happy you like it :) <3 +1
August 07 2020 20:56:29
davidaustin Awesome:D +1
a fantastic composition Franky.;)+1
August 07 2020 20:49:31
frankyguitar Thank you very much Nils !! :) +1
<3<3 Fantastic Franky,the cruelty of the human being, has no limits+1
August 07 2020 20:59:23
frankyguitar Thank you very much Xavi! Unfortunately you are right too my friend. :) +0
Unusual rhythm almost poly-rhythmic? Once again I share your thinking about sharks. I've been in the water with many without incident, although i don't try to give them any reason to be aggressive. Just another wonderful animal to be admired and perfect in its own way.+1
August 08 2020 12:58:11
frankyguitar Thank you very much Wade. Not sure about the rhythm, I put together what I thought it sounds good and works for the track.
I have seen a lot of documentaries from ocean scientists which are researching sharks. I was deeply impressed of one who has nearly lost a leg. He said, not the shark is guilty, was my own mistake. Really a great man! Sharks are really his passion.
August 09 2020 01:03:10
Wade I'm likewise rather fond of them, although there's a few I'd rather not encounter: Bull sharks, Great White, and Tiger sharks. The rest are pretty laid back and generally don't see us as a food source. I've had lots of encounters with reef sharks and other shallow water types. Only one encounter with a blue shark, large and beautiful. Several encounters with whale sharks which are huge and the ultimate in calm, cool and totally harmless. They definitely need protection and get it in New Zealand and Australian waters. +1
really cool track Franky,:Y+1
August 12 2020 13:46:13
frankyguitar Thnk you very much Pete :) :W :Y +1
Did you ever read the book Jaws? The movie doesnt emphasis it as much as the book but the theme is the sharks are the ones who dont close the beach to save business....humans are the most dangerous creature on the whole planet. Great tribute <3+1
August 12 2020 13:52:11
frankyguitar Hello Tu, no I never read this book. But I agree, the humans are dangerous and for money the most would do everything. With great fervor, man saws off the branch on which he sits. This is just stupid. +1
August 12 2020 14:12:34
Tu Sad but true :@ +1
Nice composition Franky and I agree with you!!+1
August 12 2020 13:52:36
frankyguitar Thank you very much Ron :) +0
Great music Franky and a feeling of powerlessness when listening .....:|<3+1
August 12 2020 13:54:59
frankyguitar Danke vielmals René !! Es ist so traurig das mitanzusehen und macht gleichzeitig so wütend. :@ +0
Du drückst auf die richtigen Stellen und ich verstehe es,dass du es leid bist. Kennst Du die Geschichte von den zwei Wölfen?

Ein alter Indianer sitzt mit seiner Familie und seinem Enkelsohn am Lagerfeuer. Sie reden über das Leben mit all seinen Herausforderungen und da erzählt der Alte von einem Kampf. Es ist ein Kampf, der schon seit langer Zeit in seinem Inneren tobt:

Und er sagt zu seinem Enkel: „Mein Sohn, dieser Kampf fühlt sich an, als würde er von zwei Wölfen ausgefochten.“

Der eine Wolf ist böse:

Er ist der HASS, der Zorn, der Neid, die Anspannung, der Stress, die Ungeduld, die Eifersucht, Sorgen, Schmerz, Gier, die Arroganz, das Selbstmitleid, Schuld, Vorurteile, Minderwertigkeitsgefühle, die Lügen, falscher Stolz und auch das Ego.

Der andere Wolf ist gut:

Er verkörpert die LIEBE, die Freude, den Frieden, die Gelassenheit, die Geduld, Hoffnung, Heiterkeit und Demut, die Güte, das Wohlwollen, Zuneigung, Großzügigkeit, die Aufrichtigkeit, Mitgefühl und den Glauben.

Der Enkel denkt einige Augenblicke über diese Worte nach. Dann schaut er seinen Gr0ßvater aufmerksam an und fragt:

“Großvater, welcher der beiden Wölfe gewinnt den Kampf?”

Und der alte Cherokee antwortete:

„Der den du fütterst!“
August 13 2020 21:18:20
frankyguitar Du wirst es kaum glauben, aber das habe ich erst vor kurzem irgendwo gehört. Offensichtlich füttern viele den bösen Wolf. Vielen Dank fürs hören und Deine Gedanken dazu Peter :) +1
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