Jazz des idiots

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Great template from Mike ... added some bass noodles to this cool track ... :O Thanks for the fun!!
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For someone who is such a great rock bassist it's impressive how you can swing in jazz mode. Very nice example of walking style!+4
August 11 2020 16:40:00
Ernie440 very kind, thanks Dan! ;) +0
:oThink you should play jazz more often amigo, you got the feel and definitely the talent, hopefully I will get to go for this walk, with you Ernie:W:):W+2
August 11 2020 16:43:25
Ernie440 I should probably do a lot of things Peter, lol but I will take your suggestion and mull it over .. :D:D thanks buddy!! :D +2
I so agree with, Peter!!!!!! Love your cool runs in your rhythmic vibe that is so good as you include improv rhythmic deviations!!! Excellent, Ernie!!!!+2
August 11 2020 16:42:43
Ernie440 kind words my friend, thanks brother Dan ;) +0
Thats entertainment! Better than anything you'd hear on Kroc or AVR :D<3:D+2
August 11 2020 16:41:28
Ernie440 Listening to Krock AND AVR .. has been shown to actually destroy brain cells but thankfully cannabis has a protective effect according to these studies :D Thanks Tu!! :D +2
August 11 2020 17:24:43
Tu I used to work at AVR...no one there listens to the music they play! +1
August 11 2020 17:27:30
Ernie440 haha, no doubt!! that's funnee ... I actually remember the time AVR switched to country music .. been in the valley a loooooooooooong time. +1
Great line Ernie :)+2
August 11 2020 16:40:09
Ernie440 hey buddy, thanks Mark! ;) +1
I like the way you decide to jump in at 3:03 and shake things up a bit. Wish you'd done a lot more of that as mike's timing isn't very good in parts. Yea, you can be cool...why does that surprise others?+2
August 11 2020 16:39:46
Ernie440 Next time I'll just riff endlessly!! :D Thanks Wade!! :D +2
August 11 2020 22:40:00
Wade Endlessly? hmmmm, maybe not. So good the way you gave this track some rhythmic discipline...probably should have mentioned that the first time. +1
August 12 2020 17:19:15
Ernie440 I know, U should have!! LOL +1
great !!!! :O+2
August 11 2020 16:39:06
Ernie440 thanks much João :D +0
Yesa :D+1
August 11 2020 16:39:14
Ernie440 Good god!! :D +0
a fantastic jazz bass add Ernie.;)+1
August 12 2020 17:18:56
Ernie440 many thanks Nils!! :D +1
slick brother! fantastic..:D+1
August 12 2020 17:18:45
Major 3rd
Ernie440 Thanks Craig!! :):O +0

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