The Devil in His Life

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An outstanding track from Nils that's already had some excellent adds. This add is kind of subtle even though there is a solo in it. Mainly trying to accompany Nils and add to the mood of this. Hopefully some of the fine players who've already added will come back and add to this one too.


Hi Wade:)super sax play buddy,really builds on the smokey atmosphere of this great track:Y+3
August 12 2020 03:13:53
Wade If it's down and dirty just call n me and I'll be there! Cheers Pete. +1
Sweet subtle spice. Adds a really cool bluesy atmosphere :)+2
August 12 2020 03:15:05
Wade Thanks WhiteBass. Such a great track from Nils, just felt the need to be in there with him. +1
I love seeing so many cool interpretations of Nils awesome track.<3 lovely accompainmeny Wade <3<3<3+2
August 12 2020 03:21:48
Wade All the adds are well deserved as this is a great track from Nils. I have a feeling for this one as I think it's kind of "close to the bone". He gets down at times. I've been fortunate enough to play with him several times it's more a personal sort of support. +1
What a wonderful take on this, dear Wade - love it! :) <3+2
August 12 2020 03:29:52
Wade Goes both ways. Your new upright sounds awesome! Maybe you'll give this another bash on this branch? +1
August 12 2020 09:19:09
wjl I could try, yes - a Blues is always fun to play, hm? :) Thanks for the friendly invitation :) +1
Super smooth and very well refined, Wade :o

Perfect feel which enhances the introvert and desolating aspects of the song, Wade :o

Perfect smokey atmosphere, as Pete wrote!

Beautiful track, mates :)
August 12 2020 03:31:07
Wade Biggest compliment is always when others join in. Thanks Mirko +1
Great moody sax for this perfect!! First time I've heard this song from Nils I believe .. classic stuff!! Great add!+2
August 12 2020 03:32:46
Wade Glad you like! Yea, it's a fantastic track from Nils that's drawn in lots of good players...Where are you? +1
August 12 2020 17:26:14
Ernie440 I may join!! :) +1
August 12 2020 21:54:33
Wade Please do!!! +0
Super cool sax add Wade<3<3+2
August 12 2020 03:34:49
Wade Cheers Dorthy! Yea, down and dirty...real blues territory. Hope to get to some of your tracks soon. +1
August 12 2020 11:48:12
deezee that would be awesome. Thanks<3 +1
<3<3 I was sure it was a piece for you Wade :)+2
August 12 2020 03:36:26
Wade Guess I'd better be careful about getting too far into the blues. I already drink whiskey, am old and can be cranky, too good a fit! +1
August 12 2020 11:13:33
Filo974 Like me but less old :D:D +1
wow thats a awesome sax Wade really get the feeling here love the sound in your sax perfect and thanks so much for joining me.;)<3+2
August 12 2020 03:38:09
Wade Ah Nils, I'm here for you. Hope you can feel the love and support not just from me but others who've joined in. You're a special guy. Don't forget it!!!! +1
August 13 2020 20:31:08
slin haha thanks for that Wade.;)<3 +1
Especially the fact that several musicians have already joined Nils makes it interesting to participate.And I'm glad that you also jumped in! And I'm glad that you also jumped in! Your unmistakable style fits perfectly to the song! :)+2
August 12 2020 03:39:29
Wade Thanks so much Peter. Funny thing is I could hear your Trombone also working with this, or maybe even better the tuba sound? Want to come back to the "down and out" party? +1
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