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What a wonderful track from FrankieJ again... and I'm practising my new instrument, couldn't resist to take this template and play around with it a bit while also working on the recording side of things...
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unplugged, world, guitar, double bass


a great bass add Wolfgang.;)+2
August 11 2020 19:58:12
wjl Thank you Nils :) Pretty minimalistic - but I'm a total beginner on that big one :) Glad that you like it :) +1
Love that deep sound and his impact Wolfgang! :)+2
August 11 2020 22:01:10
wjl Grazie Stef :) Very kind of you :) +1
lovely track from Frankie you chose Wolfgang and I think your bass sounds really cool....adds a real dramatic touch :) and I like the bit at the end as well+2
August 11 2020 22:01:54
wjl Thank you dear Shi, for being so kind :) I'm really glad if you like it :) +0
Beautiful Wolfgang:)+1
August 11 2020 22:00:45
wjl Thank you Peter - I'm glad that you like it :) +1
Wonderful fit with this feeling and at times using your bass like a great gong.+1
August 12 2020 09:18:03
wjl Thank you Wade :) Starting slow & easy, and trying to get the intonation right with some real songs :) +1
August 12 2020 22:14:42
Wade I'm in a parallel world. I recently got an alto sax (from a friend in Berlin). The tone is gorgeous, but intonation is quite difficult. It's taking me longer than any sax I've had to get it to play in tune. It's worth it though as the keywork is fast and smooth, and the tone! It's the best alto I've ever played. I'm not likely to buy another sax in my lifetime and will just consolidate and concentrate on what I've got (which is still too want to buy a sax?). +1
August 13 2020 09:49:55
wjl Hehe thank you but no thank you - can't play these things (not that I could play a double bass, but I'll keep trying) ;) +1
stick with it I think you have some think here WJL :)+1
August 12 2020 14:30:20
wjl Merci beaucoup Zoot :) +0
Perfect bass add Wolfgang. Sweet enhancement. Enjoyed!!<3:W<3+1
August 12 2020 14:20:00
wjl Thank you so much Dorothy :) Very kind of you :) <3 +0
dang, this sounds great! draws me in with its magic :)+1
August 13 2020 09:48:02
wjl Thank you rootshell :) It's a simple laminated Christopher, see here if you like: +1
Yes sir! Love that deep rich sound your new instrument. Majestic!
Very nice wjl<3
August 13 2020 09:46:52
wjl Thank you Frankie :) Still trying to get a good sound out of my fingers with it, not that easy :) +0
Einfach nur schön was Du da machst! Dieses Instrument klingt wirklich bezaubernd!+1
August 13 2020 16:16:51
wjl Vielen Dank Peter, ich bin wirklich froh wenn Dir meine Anfängerbemühungen gefallen :) +1
August 13 2020 16:42:32
Pewi Und wie! Man spührt Deine Freude an diesem Instrument:):) +1

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