Faces In The Cave

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Wonderful percussion form Demian and added to by Mario having fun with some sort of new gear (check out his description on 192500...most interesting!). I'm just butting in with some sopranino frittering to sit between these two fine musicians.


Such a cool cave ;)+2
August 13 2020 22:46:22
Wade Made much cooler by your joining in. thanks Chris. +1
It has "felt" very well between us Wade! You already know that I love your sopranino sound and even more the lines that you do !! perfect sound!! :)+1
August 13 2020 22:45:54
Wade As always your fine playing on Demian's lovely drums drew me in. I really love these quirky sorts of tracks. +1
SUPER!! Thanks Wade friend, great to share this ritual with you:Y+1
August 13 2020 22:47:27
Wade All thanks to your template and Mario's fine add. I really enjoyed this a lot. Thanks. +1
Always so cool in your approach. You must be that way in real life :)+1
August 13 2020 22:49:29
Wade I'm old, so don't move very fast. Kind of a hermit, so don't fit well in society. More oddball than cool. Most glad if you like the track! Thanks. +1
Excellent pathway as I like ! mysterious sax... <3:)+1
August 13 2020 22:50:10
Wade Thanks Phillipe! I like going to those odd places! +1
August 13 2020 22:51:42
Filo974 Like me my friend... +1
such a nice sax play, Wade! :) Terrfic! :)+1
August 13 2020 22:50:41
Wade So glad you've enjoyed Hartmut. Was good fun for me. +1
Smooth and silky:)+1
August 14 2020 00:12:01
Wade Thanks so much Frankie. Very kind of you to give a listen and comment. +0
Reminds at the Glow Worm Hole :D
Enjoyed to stay there as well your most excellent add here Wade! I LOVE it :) <3
August 14 2020 00:18:10
Wade Ah, you mean Waitomo cave with the glow worms! Yes, a special place, but there are glow worms all over New Zealand, which most visitors don't realize. If you go walking at night where there is a cliff or bank with bare ground you'll see them. There's a place near where I live that's a stream the ends in a shallow with bare cliffs 10 metes high all around. The glow worms reflect in the water and completely surround you. Then the sky above (at night of course) if clear has stars, so it's all these points of light completely surrounding you, like being lost in space. It can be hard standing up as you loose your sense of what's up and down! +1
August 14 2020 10:21:21
frankyguitar Although we stand two times in NZ we didn’t see it. Maybe we had our evening wine 🍷 at the wrong places. Maybe a reason to come back again 😁. Unfortunately it’s expensive to come over, but I love it and would like to stay in my retirement in NZ. Unfortunately I’m not a millionaire, so it’s only a dream. +1
August 14 2020 12:58:49
Wade When you come again we can have good fun playing together and I can show you glow worms here on our land, they are everywhere. If you're traveling on a country road at night with dirt banks (a cutting) and no traffic you'll almost always find them there. Just stop, turn off the lights and look. +1
August 14 2020 23:06:48
frankyguitar What an invitation :D <3 +1
August 14 2020 23:37:11
Wade You would be the fourth Wikiloop member who has visited us. +0
August 15 2020 12:23:25
frankyguitar That’s really cool. 👍 +1
and a really wonderful sopranino from you Wade.;)+1
August 14 2020 00:18:36
Wade Thanks so much Nils. So glad you came around for a listen. +1
fantastic Wade, great creativity, very good :D:D+1
August 14 2020 00:19:15
Wade Cheers Xavi. It's another strange one...which I like a lot. So glad you like it too. +1
August 14 2020 01:29:12
ivax :) +1
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