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Guys, this is kind of a political statement.. As I really do not know if you guys who made this song are ok with the content I would offer to remove it, if it is against wour believes. Let's be honest, we all do not know the right answer, so it would be more than ok to say NO I do not agree with this kind of solution, I do not want to be part of this statement .. But ...


:D Great statement Pat :W
In großen Teilen stimme ich Dir zu! Dieses Wirtschaftssystem das nur durch ständiges Wachstum am Leben erhalten werden kann, wird den Untergang der gesamten Menschheit befördern. In früheren Zeiten sind viele Kulturen, besonders Stadtstaaten durch Überstrapazierung der unmittelbaren Umwelt untergegangen!! Nun übertragen wir diese Lebensweise seit gut 200 Jahren auf den gesamten Erdball. Wenn sich nichts ändert ist es nur eine Frage der Zeit bis das gesamte System kollabiert. Es gibt einen kleinen Trost, auch nach uns dreht sich die Erde weiter und die Natur wird sich erholen! Das ist mein Trost.
Doch es kann auch anders gehen:
August 14 2020 14:13:12
Offfocus Hi Franky, danke dir sehr für diesen Kommentar! Ich habe deinen Link bisher nur zur Hälfte angeschaut, aber das ist ganz genau das, was ich denke und ich bin froh zu sehen, dass große Sender diese Themen aufnehmen .. das ist das Marketing, das ich glaube, das erfolgreich sein könnte ... +2
Hundred Percent Pat, Sadly human greed and selfishness has no bounds and like a plague will eradicate everything in its way, whatever the consequences....the point of no return that our age has already passed, we know has been reached before by long gone civilisations, yet the futility our own life span is so short we don’t want to waste time learning
the lessons!
Thanks for having the courage to share your beliefs into these wonderful words My friend, Sadly I believe our world order and the real power/money base has absolutely no desire, wish or capacity for a solution
August 14 2020 14:10:14
Offfocus Thank you very much, my friend. I am with you concerning this more pessimistic view .. especially since I am part of the system leading downwards. BUT now that I am becoming older, I realize that so many of the young really do different - starting with Generation Y things, maybe going over to social transparancy by networks, to Greta movement and more and more veggies. I always hear the old complaining, that the young are doing the wrong things - and I do believe that we do not have the right to think our way would be the good one .. it is not!! So let us let the young explore alternatives .. maybe they are more successful than we were ... +1
Hi Pat:)great idea and mix,very thought provoking,pity all the useless politicans who worry more about their career and personal wealth,look the other way<3+0
August 14 2020 16:56:11
Offfocus Thank you Pete - I am very happy you like your song also this way :) +1
Way cool Pat..Awesome ad :):o:W<3+0
August 14 2020 16:56:56
Offfocus Hey Marc - finally we have another track together :) I am happy you agree to it .. and like it. Thank you!! :) +1
a fantastic add and guitar Patrik.;)+0
August 14 2020 20:52:17
Offfocus Thanks so much!! +1
:W:W fantastic Patrik+0
August 14 2020 20:52:36
Offfocus :D:D Thank you Xavi!! :) +1
August 14 2020 22:25:19
Wade So glad to be hearing at least a few people talking about over-consumption, but more importantly overpopulation as it's the root cause of most problems coupled with artificial means that temporarily suspend the limits of sustainability. It will obviously "snap back" to a level of sustainability. The only question is how big will the "snap" be? I'm lucky to be living on an island that has not (yet) exceeded its human carrying capacity and could be sustainable. I can only feel sorrow for others who may know the truth and are helpless to stop what will happen. +2
Thought provoking words!! Fantastic Pat I love it all.:W<3+0
August 30 2020 07:47:38
Offfocus :) :) Thank you, Dorothy!! Very happy!! +0
so, so good my friend! And a strong and important message.+0
October 10 2020 06:43:16
Offfocus Hey Groove, I missed this (again :( :( :) .. thanks a lot!! +0

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